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  • Today it is for certain not known, when our distant ancestor who has crept out of warm embraces of a municipal cave and having blinked the eyes on sun rising, has decided to twist (or to hollow in a rock) own, personal "уэхчф№°ъю" to be secured against importunate drinking companions and sharp manuals of the and another's in addition mothers-in-law and fathers-in-law.

    However it happens. And to it, a private trader-pioneer, we are obliged by that, despite all our public and social stadnost, today we aspire to equip a life in own, individual dwelling. The congenital instinct is already safely put, and from public ant hills with their narrowness and inconveniences everyone by all means would like to run. Strange, but, even being in the many-storeyed house, we aspire to isolate ourselves from other multiroom inhabitants.

    Having set by this purpose, we build the dwelling under own project, and sacrifice of things in it we make, being conformed to personal predilections. In skorotekushchej lives at us not always are time to develop approximate shemku where and that it is necessary to put, and to pay attention, it is how much true we do. Certainly, there is a possibility to check up it on personal experience. For example, if, sitting on a sofa, really simultaneously to grope under itself a vice and in addition to them of a half-box with tools, and underfoot, on a floor to find out a mug with not drunk up morning coffee and the rests scattered round yellow circles with a potato smell – that is absolutely wrong arrangement. But time to spend for this sort of employment we do not recommend. Better at once accurately to think over arrangement then to the full to take pleasure in results of work.

    The Furniture in apartment should be picked up taking into account light exposure and features of a colour palette indoors. Depending on it and to place interior subjects it is necessary so that all it was convenient. Besides it is necessary to think over an arrangement of things that, for example, it was not necessary to search for kitchen accessories in a hall, and, having put on before an exit on a visit, it was not possible to look in a bedroom, – to be looked in a mirror and to estimate, as the new coat with the scarf presented recently sits on you.

    Yes, actually, all in the house should be cosy and pure, each subject should have the especial, specially taken away place. An order, and also in time and properly spent cleaning of apartment (By the way, know with what cleaning begins? And how many once a year needs to be spent general, and how many sanitary cleaning? Is not present? We will tell to you!) create in the house that is called as such simple and desired word for our ear: comfort.

    Our site will help to choose the optimum decision on habitation arrangement, will tell, how where and that it is necessary to spread out and place, moving to a right direction that all was simultaneously original and cosy, stylishly and comely, and corresponded to the certain standard standards of life.

    Any ingenious clever man has thought up a proverb: "- to small apartment and the pot should be the handle тютэѕ=Ёі". By the way, why only it is necessary to approach to the small area so rationally? Obvious discrimination turns out. We will try to dispel it and still set of other absurdities, having applied in an interior elements of the built in furniture or even having established here and there the built in furniture, having released space indoors for other maneuvers.

    We not begin to concern thus the moments kroshechnosti spaces when, for example, sitting in the kitchen centre it is possible to reach with little effort both a table, and to a plate, both to a refrigerator and to the panel from the TV, affably blinking to you from a premise corner. It is already obvious search. By the way, truly, all space in the house should be used rationally.

    If in a room there are two windows and between them there is a pier – it too to fill with necessary subjects of use better. Probably, the ancient floor vase or the narrow aquarium made by the special order which have turned to your hobby will appear them.

    By the way, it too is an integral part of any habitation – every possible predilections of owners. In general, people are overcome by different hobbies. Someone simply contains house animals – dogs or cats and is glad to dialogue with them. People pragmatic collect ancient coins, investing the capital in numismatics, providing with that stable increase in the property.

    Some citizens collect all beautiful uselessness like match korobkov or cards, others collect the become empty beer bottles from which, probably, further plan to erect a refined country hall and besides to equip it under the personal discretion. It will be interesting to Fans-knigochejam to learn, how house libraries and about methods of struggle against some wreckers of paper volumes – insects and a mould are created.

    By the way, some predilections help to get new dwelling! So one our acquaintance has built to itself a three-storyed cottage near to the megacity centre. And, its second floor is occupied entirely with racks with huge aquariums. It is almost enormous room-aquarium.

    And today anybody already for certain does not know that has arisen before: idea of construction of own house with vodno-relaksirujushchim a premise or regularly filled in neighbours from below have finished with protests against rybopleskanija and changes of water at floating brothers. We will tell to you collections happen with what, and we will prompt ways of their acquisition and the maintenance. And also we will hint at development of other kinds of hobbies, besides smahivanija to a dust from shelves and shelves, rubbing of floors by a damp rag and creation of some kinds of furniture in house conditions.

    It is not necessary to disregard as well care of clothes and footwear for in the person, according to the classic, all should be fine. We will tell secrets of correct darning, selection of a material and sewing of patches on monophonic and figured fabrics, other moments of small repair of clothing.

    Still Vladimir Dal has noticed: "-ё ъшщ the house the owner фхЁцш=ё ". It is such interpretation: the log hut corners is not strong, - is strong pies. Clear – both the owner will meet business, and the friendship will be moved. But the main thing in vstrechanii – WHERE to welcome visitors. Whatever initially magnificent it seemed cluttered up and littered premise – to be long in it it would not be desirable, – and pulls somewhat quicker to leave, despite all master's kindliness.

    Interesting business, people speak: "- visitors well, and houses ыѕё°х". And indeed, why better? Like, also meet sometimes openheartedly, and welcome, than God has sent, and on a visit It sends for some reason much more and is more tasty, than we ordinary find at ourselves in a refrigerator or in own bar, nevertheless … In what here has put? Perhaps in fitness of dwelling to the owner, its interests and requirements, its hobby, predilections and antipathies. And here is how it, the house, such comfortable and native to heart of everyone, in it living to make, we to you and will tell.