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it is short about glues

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  • If it is necessary to strengthen the cracked furniture, to stick together skis or a favourite figurine, to put a patch on a curtain or to close up a leak in an aquarium, say, to execute small operating repair, it is possible to take advantage of household chemical goods means. Now on sale, tens names of glues with which help such repair can be made with own hand, and quickly and reliably. If to speak more precisely, more than 50 various glues, hermetics, mastics and putties, not including so-called materials with residual stickiness - sticky tapes, samoklejushchihsja wall-paper, etc. (Domestic and import) the universal and special arrives in our trading network.

    There are the general rules which performance guarantees qualitative and reliable pasting of materials. First, stuck together surfaces should be carefully prepared - are cleared of fat and a dirt, from the rests of old glue and a paint, it is desirable, that they were rough (the processed file or a skin) as it facilitates shvatyvaemost glue. Secondly, the film of liquid glue should be thin, and, thirdly, right after, the glue drawings, stuck together details should be compressed by means of a clamp, a plait or on them it is necessary to put cargo.

    If materials not porous and a surface cannot be made rough, especially when a glutinous seam wide, apply a so-called contact way of pasting. At this way with glue both stuck together surfaces and before these surfaces to connect cover, the put layers of glue dry. It becomes that the solvent most part then glue forms an elastic film has evaporated. After podsushivanija, and sometimes and after repeated drawing of glue of the party connect and densely squeeze.

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