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Some councils to flower growers (a part 2)

  • This plant surprising in many respects. It blossoms from the end of spring to primorozkov, when already almost all plants ottsveli.

    Among set of grades terry dahlias - spherical, decorative, kaktusovye and hrizantemoobraznye are most original.

    Dahlias division of tubers Breed. Tubers land in a ground in April or in the beginning of May. Shanks take at matochnyh plants in February - March. For this purpose cut off at an angle sprouts in length 5 - 8 sm land in pure river sand. It fill a layer 8 - 10 see Under sand it is possible to fill 1 - a 2-centimetric layer of earth. The best temperature of a ground for rooting of shanks 20 - 22° and air 23 - 26°. Besides, air should be damp. Under such circumstances shanks through 8 - take roots 10 days. After that them it is possible to land in torfozemljanye pots for the best rooting or in an open ground on 3 - 5 pieces in lunku. The distance between lunkami 60 - 70 sm, and between numbers - 80 - 100 see

    Simeons dahlias breed seldom as high-quality signs of a plant are thus lost.

    Throughout summer it is necessary 1 - to feed up dahlias 2 times manure. Flower tubers need to be dug out before the big frosts. To hold them it is necessary in a dry premise at temperature 2 - 10° heat. In the winter tubers are necessary for seeing some times and the decayed places to cut out a knife and prisypat pounded charcoal. It is necessary to humidify the dried up tubers, sbryzgivaja water.

    Some words about a jasmin - an ornamental shrub with beautiful fragrant colours. In the nature exists more than 50 kinds from which 30 grows in Ukraine. Its garden forms differ from each other in the sizes of a bush - from dwarfish to huge (5 m in height), the size and the form tsvetkov, shades of their colouring - from white to cream or colours of a sea wave.

    Jasmin Flowers exhale strong very pleasant aroma, with what not comparable on the bouquet.

    Breeds seeds, shanks, bush division. Loves a fertile garden ground with moderated uvlazhnennostju.

    The jasmin grade the Ermine cloak is unusually beautiful. Its branches with set of the gentle most thin tsvetkov hang down to the earth, as a white cloak.

    Floriculture - serious and beautiful employment. The true flower grower at desire will always find answers to its interesting questions in the special literature.

    That in your garden always there were many beautiful colours, it is necessary to pick up them for flowering time.

    Before all the bulbous blossom: stsilly, hyacinths, narcissuses, tulips. They can be planted in a ground in the autumn (in September). In the spring as soon as snow will descend, leaves and flowers will seem.

    Viola and daisies are considered pozdnevesennimi as colours, but at good leaving they will blossom at you on a site all the summer long.

    In the beginning of June peonies - white, pink, red blossom. They breed division of bushes. A bush usually divide in August on 4 - 5 parts through 6 - 7 years.

    After a peony there are freakish flowers of irises. Their bushes thanks to large mechevidnym to leaves are decorative and after ottsvetanija. This plant division of rhizomes breeds.

    The long-term concern akvilegija, delfinium, lilejnik, astilba, a phlox - which blossom in the summer.

    Phloxes can be made multiple copies and division of bushes, and cherenkovaniem. It is better to take shanks in first half of summer. In each of them should be 1 - 2 mezhdouzlija. To put them it is possible in hotbeds or it is direct in ridges, in well processed earth.

    Beautifully and brightly to issue a site to you will help - letniki. From these colours it is possible to create stains of the diversified shades: bright red (salvija, tsinija), blue-violet (a heliotrope, ageratum), yellow (barhattsy, nails), pink (a begonia, semperflorens), white or lilac (allissum), ash-grey (tsinerarija maritima).

    All these plants breed seeds. One of them can be sown at once on a constant place (nails, poppies, klarkija), and others - with the long period of development - are necessary for sowing in the early spring (in March) in warm hotbeds or boxes at apartment windows. Salviju, a begonia and lobeliju sow very much early - in January - February.

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