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Councils to the mistress (a part 10)

  • If you have opened an oven to look, as the pie close a door cautiously is baked: from sharp blow the pie will settle. The baked dough is easier taken out from the form if it a few to cool. If the pie has stuck to sheet, take a pure strong thread and cautiously spend it under a pie.

    The Fresh pie from a dry shortcake dough at rezke crumbles. To avoid it, it is necessary to cut it a warm knife. Softer products are well knifed, moistened with water.

    The not so abruptly involved dough sticks to hands and is badly unrolled. In such cases for raskatyvanija it is convenient to use a bottle filled with cold water.

    The Yeast dough will not stick to hands if a hand preliminary to wipe vegetable oil. The thin dough is easier unrolled by the rocking chair which has been wrapped up by a pure linen rag. Too damp dough is unrolled through a pergament paper.

    It is easy to prepare House yeast as follows: a flour glass to mix with a glass of warm water and to allow to stand 5 - 6 hours, then to add a glass of any beer and a table spoon sugar to sand, it is good to stir, put in the warm place, the Received barmy weight use as usual yeast.

    Egg whites are shaken up faster and long do not fall down if to add to them of a few lemon juice or a pinch of small salt.

    You easily will bring down cream or sour cream if at first take them on a cold and will add egg white.

    Fiber of eggs is shaken up well, if it fresh and cooled. Yolks with sugar are quickly pounded in a warm place. To pound yolks or to shake up fibers it is possible only in enameled or glasswares (faience, porcelain, clay).

    That the dough in an oven has not burnt, it is necessary to put there a pan with cold water without a cover.

    Do not oil metal sheets on which bake fancy bread, - it is better than them to moisten with water slightly. Do not unroll the dough for all area of sheet, leave along the edges an empty seat - the dough well propechetsja.

    That the dough in an oven did not burn slightly, under forms it is necessary to fill a few salt. Biscuits and dry biscuits will better lag behind sheet if you put sheet over steam.

    Fresh bread to cut thin slices it is easier if to take advantage of a hot knife (on one-two minutes lower in boiled water). The pie also is better for cutting a hot knife.

    Products from the test fry on strong fire, pouring in in fat a tea spoon of vinegar, that fat strongly not vyzharivalsja.

    Rice will turn out razvarennym if you lower it in cold milk or water. To keep grains whole, lower rice in the boiling added some salt water.

    Rice will not burn if not to stir its spoon, and to stir up from time to time ware in which it cooks. White colour of rice will remain, if in water in which it cooks, you will add some drops of a lemon juice or a solution of wine acid.

    Chocolate will not stick to vessel walls in which it dissolve for glaze or a cream if a vessel to grease with a butter.

    Pouring out glaze on a pie, strew a pie a starched flour to detain glaze from rastekanija. Smooth glaze with a knife, dipping it from time to time in hot water.

    The Drop of a mint essence impacts especially pleasant relish of chocolate glaze. Fine glaze turns out if to kindle chocolate and mint sweets, to add one-two spoons of water or milk and to smear pie top.

    The Cream can be painted beet juice, orange juice or a yolk (yellow), spinach juice (green), juice from mulberries (lilac).

    Mustard, dissolved in milk instead of water, remains is much better and does not dry. If mustard has dried up, add to it some drops of vinegar.

    Mustard becomes very pleasant on taste if to it to add grechishnogo honey (a teaspoon on 100 ggorchitsy).

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