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Councils to the mistress (a part 11)

  • it is easy to rub the Horse-radish if to leave it for the night in cold water.

    the Kitchen ware demands careful leaving. Glass bottles are washed very well if in water to throw slices of small cut potato. A bottle for a long time and strongly stir up, then rinse pure water.

    Wine-bottles, vodka, beer wash vodoju with soda.

    Bottles and glass jugs for water become transparent and shining if them to wash up water with vinegar or water with wood ashes. After that them rinse pure water.

    Bottles from under vegetable oil wash water with soda.

    Bottles with an unpleasant smell from under kerosene, denatured alcohol, turpentine, etc., and also from under vegetable oils are washed away very well by means of a mustard flour. A flour stir with a small amount of hot water, pour in a bottle, stir up strongly and for a long time then leave to stand 15 - 20 minutes. Rinse warm, and then cold water.

    Stratification of deposits from lime water in bottles, jugs, glasses is easily washed away by means of vinegar with which fill the polluted vessels and leave for days.

    Banks, bottles and other glasswares become more hardy at variable temperatures if them to put in cold water, then to boil hour and to leave in the same water. The vessel bottom should be covered by a rag.

    China wash with hot water. Sometimes on cups there are traces from tea or coffee which difficultly leave even soap water. In this case the ware needs to be wiped the cotton wool moistened with table vinegar or a strong solution of table salt.

    After washing ware douse boiled water - it will dry out more likely and will be purer.

    Bottles the egg shell, a paper Well washes.

    The Meat grinder is good for clearing, passing through it a white paper.

    If the aluminium pan has turned black inside, will boil in it water with three-four spoons of vinegar.

    The Aluminium ware will be always pure and shining if in water for washing to add some drops of liquid ammonia.

    Do not scrape a bottom of the burnt enameled ware, - and pour in it water with soda and allow to stand.

    It is not recommended to wash knifes with hot water, from it they tupjatsja.

    Chtoby.bystree to grind kitchen knifes, lower them for 30 minutes in a weak solution of salt (a teaspoon floor on a water glass). Then a knife sharpen on bruske for metal products.

    Any smell on knifes delete dry salt.

    From the long use the wooden board on which you cut vegetables, becomes rough. Wipe its emery paper, and the board again becomes smooth.

    Damp tea the smell of fish or onions from a frying pan and from pans easily leaves.

    Crystal ware clean, wiping a rag moistened in spirit then polish with a dry soft rag. It is not necessary to wash it with hot water as thus crystal grows dull, loses shine.

    It is not necessary to wash Faience ware with very hot water. It wash in tepid water with soap and rinse the cold. From hot water glaze collapses, bursts, colour of faience changes. If the big stopper does not enter into a bottle, will boil it some minutes.

    Often in bottles and bottles "чрхфрх=" a stopper. It will be easier for pulling out if to drip an acetic essence on a mouth and a stopper.

    To restore colour of the china which has turned black from the long use, rub with its baking soda or vinegar with salt.

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