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Councils to the mistress (a part 12)

  • The Ware which is put on fire should be outside absolutely dry.

    The Internal surface of the aluminium or enameled kitchen ware should be smooth. If you use copper or iron ware watch that it was well luzhenoj. In neluzhenoj to copper, iron and zinc ware to prepare and keep food it is impossible, as it is oxidised. In zinc ware it is possible to hold and boil only water, to wash ware. The luzhenuju ware cannot be cleaned a sandpaper, sand, or to hold in it sour food.

    If the food has burnt or has dried on a ware bottom, do not scratch its knife, pour in ware water and give to a crust otmoknut then it will easier lag behind, or strew prigoreloe salt, and then pour warm water.

    Knifes should be held separately from other metal subjects. Adjoining to plugs and spoons, edges of knifes quickly tupjatsja.

    For removal of a scum from ware use fosfornokislye the salts containing in powders "=Ёшэр=Ё" and "¶юёяюЁ". Trinata or fospora take 20 - 30, g on 1 lgorjachej waters and boil in ware with a scum 1 - 2 hours then a scum scratch out also ware wash out some times pure water. If the scum does not leave at once, processing repeat 2 - 3 times.

    Ware which was in a wind case, it is possible to clean well damp salt, then to wash hot water.

    New flanks should not be used, not propariv them. For 2 - 3 days before filling it is necessary to pour a boiled water bucket in a flank. After that it is necessary to close to a flank and to shake it extensively that all boards have become wet. Then it is necessary to leave water in a flank while it will cool down. Formed steam gets into a time of boards, they inflate, cracks disappear. Having poured out the cooled down water, to a flank carefully rinse with cold water.

    To wash up to a flank which was already in using, put on its bottom some large pieces not slaked to exhaust, fill in with water and close to a flank. Formed plentiful steam impregnates boards flanks, takes from all of them acids and tannin. Add some more litres of water and strongly shake to a flank that all boards were washed. After 2 - 3 hours pour out lime water, pour at its finest, well rinse to a flank. The flanks which have been washed up izvestju, do not grow mouldy.

    The Pure rag moistened in vinegar and put on a cover of a pan in which the cabbage is extinguished, eliminates an unpleasant smell in kitchen.

    Do not throw out a peel from a lemon: it it is good to clean wooden tables and boards for are sharp vegetables, to wipe the knifes smelling as fish, an onions or a herring.

    To remove from a plate fat stains, them salt, while a plate still hot, and carefully wipe a paper.

    Many troubles deliver in the summer ants. There is very simple way of their destruction. Dissolve yeast in water, add jam or powdered sugar and put a mix in a case with products. Ants snatch on this bait and perish.

    Well frightens off ants aroma of a lemon. With a lemon grease from different directions ware edges in which there is a jam, honey, sugar.

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