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Councils to the mistress (a part 2)

  • Grapes can be stored differently. The cut off clusters of grapes hang out on poles in a cellar or a cellar. Temperature of storage from - 0,5 to +0,5°. Periodically it is necessary to break berries which have started to rot.

    Yet absolutely mature grapes put in the big clay pots, each layer fall asleep sawdust, millet or a peat powder. Having filled pots up to the top, them close covers, fill in with sealing wax and put in a cold place. It is possible to combine grapes in boxes, to pour sawdust or a peat powder and to store at temperature from - 0,5 to +0,5°.

    Is better keeps foodstuff a refrigerator. Using a refrigerator, it is necessary to observe a number corrected. First of all, save a place and do not store in refrigerators not begun canned food, except those on which labels storage is specially stipulated at low temperatures.

    If the refrigerator is excessively loaded also its regiments are forced unduly densely circulation of cooled air is at a loss, and the temperature in chamber ground floors can raise considerably.

    Setting up a refrigerator, it is necessary to select a mode so that it provided safety of the most gentle, perishable food.

    After cutting meat and fish needs to be placed in the pallet under the freezing chamber where the minus temperature is always supported. That meat and fish did not dry up and were not dehydrated, they are expedient for turning in cellophane or to place in a package from polyethylene.

    At storage of cheeses it is necessary to remember that they possess a pungent smell which can be transferred to other products. To avoid it, cheeses store in cellophane or polyethylene packages.

    Wrapped it is necessary to store oil and fats as they are very susceptible to smells.

    the Cream, pies with a cream and pies with perishable stuffings should be stored at temperature not above 1° and other products from the test - at temperature from 4 to 5°,

    Baked products is better to keep in any ware, having covered it from above with a piece of a gauze or a leaky fabric to provide air circulation.

    Eggs, milk and other dairy products is better to store at temperature from 3 to 6°. For eggs in many refrigerators special nests on a door are provided. If it is not enough of them, eggs place in any ware on an average shelf. Close to the freezing chamber it is not necessary to store. They can be frozen, and lose the flavouring qualities.

    Vegetables is better to store at temperature 3 - 7° in special vessels with covers at the bottom of a refrigerator. The cover keeps necessary humidity, and therefore it is not necessary to wipe from it moisture drops. In the same place it is possible to store fruit and berries, except for bananas for which the temperature not less 11° is necessary;. Berries are better for storing dirty in water-proof packing.

    Mineral medicinal waters should not be cooled strongly in order to avoid losses of medical qualities by them.

    Wine is better for storing in a dark cool pantry, and in a refrigerator to place only, for cooling before a tax on a table.

    In the absence of a refrigerator it is possible to take advantage of ice. During time of a heat beef, mutton remains longer, than white meat, veal, pork, a bird and fish.

    If there is no ice, put products in an aired cool place, for example in a cage twisted with a small wire grid.

    Meat can be kept within several days during heat time if to take it some minutes in strongly boiling salty water. It is necessary to hold beef and mutton of 3 minutes, young veal and mutton ~1 minute. After that meat should be put opened in a cold aired place where flies cannot get.

    It is possible to shift also meat a fresh nettle or a grated horse-radish or to wrap it in a cloth plentifully impregnated with strong vinegar or salt. Before the use meat is necessary for washing out carefully.

    The Meat rubbed with the cut lemon and left opened in cold and aired place, remains fresh some days at the strongest heat. The lemon juice frightens off flies.

    For preservation of meat it fill in with the removed milk, cover with a pure towel and put in a cool place. Milk will quickly be curtailed, will densely close meat and will not pass to it air. Besides, acid which is in milk, creates improper conditions for a life of bacteria, and meat will remain throughout a week the fresh. Before preparing from it any dish, it is necessary to wash out and dry well meat a towel.

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