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Councils to the mistress (a part 3)

  • Sausage can be protected from a mould if to dip it into a strong solution of salt.

    Smoked products from meat well remain in sacks from the thin canvas, suspended in a dry aired premise.

    The Cut end of sausage grease with fat or fiber then sausage will not dry up.

    Salad and spinach can be kept during 2 - 3 days. For this purpose pomojte it, dry on a sieve, lay in a pan, cover and put in the most cool place.

    the Cauliflower is better for turning in leaves and to hang up in a grid on a draught.

    the Asparagus put in a pan vertically, heads upwards, pour on a bottom slightly cold water, store in the blacked out place.

    the Radish should be laid in a bowl with a small amount of cold water, leaves downwards, to put in a cool place and from time to time sbryzgivat water.

    Fresh vegetable marrows and salad are better for holding in salty water then they will not wither.

    Eggs can be kept for an appreciable length of time if to smear them smaltsem, to close a time, to paper, lay in a basket and to suspend in a cold aired place. Instead of smaltsa it is possible to smear with fiber. Eggs and in a box well remain, poured by wood ashes or sawdust so that they did not touch one another. It is possible to take advantage and such council. Put eggs in a grid and lower in boiling water, take out now and lower in cold water. From boiling water the fiber adjoining to a shell, is turned off and closes a time. Air does not get in egg and will not cause damage. When eggs it is dried up, them stack in boxes and hold in a cold place, from time to time checking and overturning boxes.

    Fish can be kept within several days (even in a heat) so. It fill in with cold water, put on fire, lead up to boiling, then remove and put in a cold place. This way fish can be kept during 8 - 10 days. It is necessary for 5th day water in which there was a fish, to merge, boil and when water will cool down to add to it a glass of vinegar and again to fill in with it fish.

    It is good to pour from above a few vegetable oil, it isolates fish from air influence.

    Kvashenye, salty and marinaded products store in ceramic, porcelain and glass jars.

    Lemons well remain in cold water. Water should be changed every day. It is possible to put also them in dry to bank, densely it to close and put in a cold place.

    The Dried up lemons freshen, lowering for some time in cold water. It is necessary to change water 1 - 2 times a day.

    the Butter will remain during hot time better if you turn it in a pergament paper and put in very salty water. It is possible to turn also in a rag moistened with a mix of vinegar and water.

    When the rag will dry up, it humidify again. The Butter well remains, if it is densely laid in bank and filled in by vinegar or salty water.

    do not forget:

    Hot products should be cooled preliminary and only after that it is possible to place in a refrigerator.

    Products with a pungent smell, for example salad with the onions, some grades of cheese, should be stored in the closed ware, in parchment or cellophane.

    It is impossible to place the products which have been densely wrapped up in parchment and in a refrigerator. Cellophane: without an air flow they will deteriorate.

    If in a refrigerator there was a musty smell, black bread cuts slices a little and spread out it on regiments. Close a refrigerator per day. The smell will disappear.

    For fast clearing of a refrigerator of ice do not use metal subjects, and water ice or the chilled products with hot water is better.

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