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Councils to the mistress (a part 4)

  • each mistress who wants, that the food prepared by her should know Secrets of culinary art, was tasty and appetizing.

    Meat will be tasty and juicy if to lower it in boiled water. The meat boiled by small pieces, will be less juicy and tasty, than boiled by a large piece.

    Tough meat at cooking and suppression becomes soft if to add in a pan of a few vinegar. That the ruddy crust on the roasted meat has turned out, it is necessary to grease it before a browning sour cream. That meat became soft, it follows before preparation at some o'clock to lower in milk.

    Rigid beef meat becomes more gentle and it is easy uvarivaetsja if with its evening to rub from different directions with mustard in a powder. Before the use meat needs to be washed up in cold water. It is possible to beat off also its wooden hammer or a chopper and to water in which will cook, add 2 - 3 table spoons of vinegar.

    If meat has an unpleasant smell, on a vessel bottom in which it will cook, put a piece of charcoal in size about an egg. Meat cut on pieces, wash away well in cold water, ottsezhivajut water, put in a pan with coal, fill in with cold water that it has covered meat, and leave to stand on 2 - 3 hours. Then coal take out, meat cook in the same water. Frying meat in a wind case, water it only with hot water or a broth. From cold water it becomes rigid. In an oven it is possible to put a small vessel with water - water steam will protect meat from burning and drying.

    If you wish to fry meat on a lattice, preliminary smear a lattice with fat, heat up it and then put meat - it will not stick to a lattice and will not be broken off.

    When fry shnitseli or chops, remove all veins. At zharke veins are turned off, and meat becomes the shapeless.

    Chops or shnitseli will be softer, if before zhareniem you grease with their mix of vinegar and vegetable oil and will leave so on 1 - 2 hours.

    At warming up of the welded meat it is necessary to sprinkle its cold water, to put on a frying pan and to warm up on small fire. Then meat will have taste svezhesvarennogo.

    To Defreeze meat it is necessary so that it as less as possible lost meat juice. For this purpose to cook it it is necessary frozen, having cut slices. Such meat quickly also is well boiled.

    For preparation of the second dishes meat should be defrozen. For this purpose the piece of meat preliminary washed by water, leave on a plate or in a bowl, whenever possible, in a cool place. The more slowly thaws meat, the it is more in it remains nutritious juice. At all it is not necessary to defreeze meat in cold and, especially in warm water.

    Chetvertushka of a lemon with a crust impacts to fried meat pleasant relish. In the beginning the lemon is fried with meat, and then, after a full softening of a crust, pounded by a wooden spoon and dissolved in sauce.

    Put cutlets and meat pieces on good razogretuju with fat a frying pan then juice will not follow from them. It is possible to eat a beefsteak, roast beef and chops from mutton semiroasted. Pork and veal always fry thoroughly to full readiness.

    The Large piece of meat, tushku birds or game every 15 minutes water with fat in which they are fried.

    If you fry poultry in a wind case, put it on protiven or a frying pan a back downwards. A fat bird water with a small amount of hot water, insufficiently fat, - the kindled lard.

    Do not salt meat how it will fry or cook as it causes premature allocation of meat juice, worsens taste and reduces nutritiousness of meat.

    The Beef meat gets pleasant taste if it for some hours to preparation to grease with mustard and so to extinguish,

    The Baked meat will be more tasty if to take it over a pan s.kipjashchej water after it is taken out from an oven.

    To give beef, mutton or to lard taste of oil, it is necessary to cut fat on slices, to put in a pan and to fill in with milk so that fat it it has been covered. A pan put on fire. When milk is good prokipit, filter. The received fat store in a cold place.

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