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Councils to the mistress (a part 5)

  • The Butter at zharenii does not darken, if the heated frying pan preliminary to grease with vegetable oil.

    the Meat broth will be strong and transparent if after meat begins to boil, to remove foam and to cook it on small fire.

    Taste of soup will be more pleasant if to put in it except korenev, greens of a celery, parsley and a leek.

    The Put too much salt soup can be corrected if to cook in it some potatoes or to put a slice of sugar and to add waters.

    If broth foam has fallen on a bottom, it is necessary to pour in in a broth of cold water, foam will rise on a surface and it can be removed.

    The Meat broth salt in an hour after the cooking beginning; peas and a string bean - when they will boil soft; jellied dishes - right after the cooking terminations.

    When you cook rice, do not stir its spoon but only stir up, from time to time a pan in which it cooks then it will be friable.

    Soup from vegetables will keep vitamins if to put in the boiling added some salt water and to cook on moderate fire, without digesting. It should not be cooked for two days as vitamin C collapses. After three-hour standing potato or shpinatnogo soup in a hot condition in it there is only half of that quantity of vitamin what was while you have removed it from fire.

    It is expedient to weld a broth from bones and korenev on 2 - 3 days and then from it to prepare fresh soups, adding a potato, spinach, peas and other vegetables before giving on a table.

    It is impossible to heat up the sauce filled with a butter as it destroys unstable emulsiju oils with other products of sauce to boiling. For this reason it is impossible to warm up the soups-mashed potatoes filled with a butter.

    the Vegetative not refined oil before use should or be filtered, or cautiously to merge in other ware, trying not to shake up a deposit.

    Muddy vegetable oil can be made transparent, having added a tea spoon of salt on oil litre. In 3 days oil pour in other bottle.

    it is necessary to clean Fish, holding it for a tail, a knife to move from a tail to a head. If fish is cleaned very difficultly, it is necessary to lower it for some seconds in boiling water or, taking for a head and a tail, to stretch.

    Interiors of fish clean, having cut the paunch is longitudinal. It is necessary to be cautious not to touch a liver and bile. Gills delete after interiors are taken out.

    That fish in hands at cleaning did not slide, it is necessary to dip fingers into salt.

    At cleaning nalima or a catfish a skin make an incision round a head and remove entirely. At cleaning fish put on 15 - 20 seconds in hot water that slime has descended and is easier the scales acted in film.

    Meat or fish will be more tasty, if them to lower since evening in the big pan with water in which the coffee cup of vinegar is added. Next morning water replace new, too acidified by vinegar. Before the use meat or fish well wash away cold water and after that cook or bake on a lattice.

    Pieces of fried fish remain whole if them to salt for 15 - 20 minutes to zharenja.

    Fish can be fried in the test. For this purpose prepare the dough such, as for oladev. Pieces of fish dip in the dough and put in boiling fat.

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