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Councils to the mistress (a part 6)

  • The Unpleasant marsh smell will disappear, if after clearing and washing fish to put at some o'clock per vinegar to which are added 1 - 3 crushed bay leaves, branches bogorodskoj grasses or some peas of black pepper.

    The Heavy smell of sea fish can be removed if to leave it on 2 - 3 hours under the cut onions. It is possible to rub with the cut lemon also.

    To Cook fish it is necessary on small fire.

    To keep the form of the whole fish, to save up a skin, fish wrap in a thin cloth and then tie with a strong thread, without pulling together. The cloth preliminary should be rinsed in cold water to eliminate a soap smell. Fish wrap only a cloth less, without tying. At cooking of flat fish, for example, a flounder to wrap it does not follow.

    Fish whom cook whole, put in tepid water. If to put it in very hot water, the skin can burst. The cut fish to lower in hot water. Fish is considered ready when its fins easily separate.

    Fish turns out especially tasty if before zhareniem to take it in milk, then vyvaljat in a flour and to fry in boiling vegetable oil. That fat was not sprayed, cover a frying pan with the overturned colander (a cover it is not necessary to cover). For elimination of a strong smell at zharke fishes in vegetable oil put one potato cleared and sliced on a frying pan.

    The Ware will not smell as fish if it to wash up vinegar, a lemon juice or hot very salty water.

    the Goose pluck dry, without scalding boiled water. Meat of the scalded goose changes the taste.

    That fowl has turned out gentle before to prepare, rub it from the outside and from within with the cut lemon. If the lemon is not present, add a vinegar spoon to the water which century cooks a bird;

    Pechenka becomes very tasty if before frying, taking it 2 - 3 hours per milk.

    Crude pechenku it is possible to keep during 2 - 3 days if to cover with its vegetable oil.

    Pechenku, a fillet and chops if them bake, on a lattice, do not salt preliminary. Salt them before giving on a table - they will be more juicy and tasty.

    With pechenki it is easy to remove a film if to lower it for a minute in hot water.

    Sausages burst in boiling water. They will be more tasty, if them to warm on pair and slightly to roast.

    It is necessary to watch, that boiled meat and fish did not settle accounts and did not give all the best on the same board that I crude meat and fish. Non-observance of this rule can lead to gastric diseases or even poisonings, especially in summertime,

    Eggs will not burst at immersing in hot water if to pour into it a few salt. That, without breaking a shell, to learn, crude egg, or boiled, try to rotate it on a table, as a top round an axis. Boiled egg will rotate, and crude, having made one-two turn, will stop.

    Fried eggs should be fried on an open frying pan. From above it is possible to strew the crushed green onions and parsley.

    Soft-boiled eggs cook 3 minutes, eggs in a sack - 4, moderately abrupt - 5, and strongly abrupt - 6 minutes. The welded eggs the hot lower in cold water that they were easily cleaned and that fiber did not darken. To put eggs it is necessary in the cold water which has been slightly added some salt.

    Broken fried eggs will turn out more fluffy and tasty if on each egg to add on a table spoon of milk and to shake up.

    Avoid to shake up fibers or yolks in aluminium ware because fibers darken, and yolks become greenish. The most suitable to this purpose is the china.

    Milk should be boiled in specially taken away pan as it has property to absorb various smells. To boil better in an aluminium pan, and then to pour in enameled as in aluminium ware milk is oxidised.

    If milk burns, do not stir its spoon and as soon as will begin to boil, pour it in other vessel that it was not smelt from burning.

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