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Councils to the mistress (a part 7)

  • Taste of the burnt milk can be corrected, if to it to add salts, and a vessel with milk to put in cold water.

    Milk will not burn, if before kipjacheniem in a pan to throw a slice of sugar or a pan to kipjachenija to moisten with cold water. Do not boil milk more than three minutes as at long kipjachenii vitamins collapse.

    The Brynza remains longer if vessel in which it is, to cover wetted in cold water and well wrung out rag.

    To eliminate an unpleasant smell of a brynza, it is necessary to take out it from a vessel in which it is, ostrogat a surface a knife, to wipe a rag wetted in vinegar. After that ware well wash away, a brynza stack again, shifting horse-radish slices, and fill in with a new brine.

    The Old and dried up brynza gets former taste and a kind if some time in milk lies down.

    If oil has an unpleasant smell, it is necessary to melt it. At peretaplivanii in oil put a bread slice, it absorbs an unpleasant smell. When bread will get golden colour, take out it.

    If drawn butter has got an unpleasant smell, add to it some the cut carrots. After some days it will have taste of the fresh. Smalets which has got a heavy smell, put on fire and boil 10 - 15 minutes with 2 - 3 slices of the charred bread.

    Vegetables and greens is better to clean over a paper. Having ended cleaning, vegetables wash, and a paper with clearings at once throw out.

    Before cleaning vegetables and fruit, moisten hands in vinegar then on hands there will be no dark stains which are difficultly washed.

    The Potato welded in a peel, keeps more vitamins, than cleared and cut. To clear it it will be faster possible, if right after over cookings to pour cold water.

    That the cleared potato has not darkened, it is necessary to hold before cooking it in cold water the whole tubers.

    If you wish to weld more likely a potato, put in water a margarine spoon. The boiled potato keeps more vitamins, than fried.

    To steam a potato it is better, instead of in water. If at you is not present reshetochki, pour in the big pan of a few water, put krestovinu from plates, on krestovinu put a smaller pan and cook on moderate fire.

    The Boiled potato for a garnish becomes light if in water in which it cooks, to pour in a few vinegar. Its taste will improve, if in water to throw 2 - 3 segments of garlic, a bay leaf or a branch chebretsa. It is necessary to cook on moderate fire as on strong fire the potato scalds outside and bursts, and inside remains crude.

    Mashed potatoes do not dilute with cold milk: from it mashed potatoes get grey colour,

    The Young potato is easier for cleaning if preliminary to put it on 10 - 15 minutes in the cold added some salt water. It is possible to clear quickly it if to wash out in water, and then to put in a sack from a dense matter, to pour there a handful of large table salt, to tighten a sack and some minutes to take for a drive on a floor or poteret hands.

    The Fried potato will turn out tasty and fragile if before frying, draining it from water in a napkin.

    The Potato under a cover is fried faster, than opened. The fried potato will be more tasty if before frying, lowering it for some minutes in hot water.

    The Frozen fresh vegetables (a string bean, a peas, a set of vegetables for a borsch and so forth) lower in boiling water, without defreezing them. It you keep flavouring and nutritious qualities of vegetables, and also vitamins containing in them.

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