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Councils to the mistress (a part 8)

  • Greens and vegetables keep the colour if in water in which they cook, to put a baking soda pinch.

    The Beet and a green peas, unlike other vegetables, in salty water do not cook. The green peas in salty water long do not boil soft, and a beet becomes less tasty.

    At steam boiling in vegetables remains more nutrients, than at cooking in water.

    The Beet cooled in cold water, is cleaned faster. It will be more tasty if to add a sugar pinch in seasoning.

    The Beet cooks faster, if it to boil within one hour, to pour out of a pan boiling water, to fill in with cold water and again to boil.

    To keep in vegetables vitamin C, fresh cabbage, a potato, greens put in boiling water or a broth.

    Acid slows down cooking of vegetables, therefore vinegar, lemon acid, a tomato-mashed potatoes, a tomato-paste and fresh tomatoes add in the end of cooking when vegetables will be almost ready.

    Salad with mayonnaise and vinaigrette get especially pleasant taste if before giving on a table you for a short while put there a lemon crust.

    Parsley becomes fragrant if it to rinse not cold, but warm water.

    Sometimes the cauliflower after cooking gets a yellowish or grayish shade. That it was white, in water during cooking put a lemon slice. Two slices of sugar lowered in a pan where vegetables cook, improve their taste.

    When you cut onions, dip a knife in cold water then the onions will not burn an eye.

    The Onions become golden colour and is more tasty, if at zharke to strew its powdered sugar.

    That small cut onions have not burnt and have got beautiful colour, it should be rolled in at first in a flour, then to fry.

    You still had half of bulb; that it to keep, a cut place grease with fat.

    That the salted vegetables did not grow mouldy, put from above the horse-radish cut by shavings. Taste of vegetables will improve.

    To freshen faded greens, put it on an hour per cold water to which the table spoon of vinegar is added.

    Spinach keeps the beautiful green colour if it cook in an open pan at cooking.

    The Radish loses the caustic taste and an unpleasant smell if it to plane and wash out some times cold water.

    To remove from green salad of all worms of insects which often disappear in internal leaves, after washing ship salad on 15 - 20 minutes in salty water, then rinse.

    The Sauerkraut (in heads of cabbage) becomes gentle and elastic, and its brine - juicy and pleasant on taste if between numbers of heads of cabbage to strew a handful of largely pounded corn.

    If the cabbage has frozen before salting, do not think that it cannot be used. Clear heads of cabbage, lay them in a tub, fill in with water and leave for the night. Next day merge water, collect slices of ice from cabbage and salt it.

    If you wish to protect a tomato from a mould, salt it from above and pour in some drops of vegetable oil.

    The Cleared apples for compote or mashed potatoes will not turn black if to lower them in cold water in which salts are dissolved a few.

    Dried fruits and vegetables will be softer and is more juicy, if before cooking them to wet at some o'clock per warm water. The wrinkled apples take the former form if you put them in cold water at some o'clock. Some hours per milk are good to take dried mushrooms, a few having salted it. Then mushrooms will develop a taste the fresh. The strong smell of cabbage will disappear if to put in a pan a white loaf slice.

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