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Councils to the mistress (a part 9)

  • If walnuts have excessively dried up and thereof have lost a fresh kind peculiar to them, taste, take them (without breaking) in a shell 5 - 6 days in slightly salty water. Water through a shell gets into a kernel of a nut and restores its consistence.

    If grains of coffee which long lay in the closed ware, have lost aroma, do not despair: put them for 10 minutes in cold water and at once dry up in an oven.

    Aroma of coffee will improve and will amplify, if before cooking ground coffee to warm and add to it a little kristallikov salts. The too small ground coffee passes through the filter, the drink becomes muddy. Largely ground coffee slowly is drawn and loses aroma.

    Jam is better to cook not in copper, and in an aluminium basin. In it jam can be left for long time that berries and fruit has become impregnated with a syrup. Never leave to cool down jam in a copper basin. Avoid to use metal spoons as they change colour of fruits. Use only the wooden spoons intended specially for jam.

    The faster jam cooks, the aroma and colour of fruits is better remain. It is necessary to cook on strong uniform fire. Is better to cook a small amount. By the cooking end reduce force of fire. At cooking soskrebajte from basin walls the candied particles not to admit zasaharivanija some jam.

    For jam use the best dense both ripe fruit and berries which are preliminary carefully washed up, and some and are cleaned. Quality of sugar not less important, than quality of fruit. It is better to use lumpy sugar which is much purer than other grades. If granulated sugar it is necessary to choose the most white is used, a syrup to filter.

    Strawberry or wild strawberry Berries will not be flattened at jam making if and leaflets at processing of berries do not pull out fruit stems, and cut off a sharp knife.

    Readiness of jam is defined on density of a syrup. If the syrup flows down from a spoon drops, jam means is ready.

    The Skin from jam gathers in the course of cooking and before its pouring in banks.

    That jam has not become candied, it is necessary to put in it on each kg of sugar on one tea spoon istolchennoj lemon acid, for sour fruit - half-spoons.

    The banks of the mistress Filled with jam cover with a dense paper with which from below slightly grease with glycerine and densely fasten. The candied jam can be digested. On each kg of jam it is necessary to add on one glass of water and to cook until jam will not begin to boil.

    At jam making use a wooden spoon as the metal changes colour of jam.

    To receive good jam, very important correctly to define the cooking end. Jam is considered ready if the skin gathers in the centre of a basin and does not disperse along the edges, berry fruits do not emerge, and are in regular intervals distributed in a syrup; the syrup drop on a saucer does not blur.

    The String which you fasten jars with jem, it is necessary to wet at first. It will not slide, and when will dry up, will densely pull together a neck banks, preventing air access to bank. Jam will be stored much longer.

    the Dough demands skilful preparation. Products from it will be more tasty, if you take advantage of following councils.

    The Pie can be taken out from the form if the form with a pie after an oven to put in a rag well moistened with cold water. The baked fruitcake or a pie do not leave in shape.

    It is necessary to turn the form a bottom up and to leave it in such position for some time. The dough for a fruitcake turns out magnificent and easy if it stir a wide wooden spoon. When do biscuits or dry biscuits on smaltse, the smell smaltsa can be eliminated lemon juice.

    To Protect from burning dry biscuits or biscuits which are baked on iron sheet, it is possible, having strewed a bottom of an oven small dry salt or having put under sheet a piece of a wire grid on sheet size.

    To Freshen the dried up dry biscuits, rolls, biscuits it is possible so. Lay them on protiven, sprinkle slightly water, cover with a wet paper or a rag and heat up in a wind case some minutes.

    The Flour, powdered sugar need to be sifted through a dense sieve, and then already to measure a glass, a cup or a spoon. The sifted products have homogeneous density, and it gives the chance to observe accuracy of a measure.

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