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Councils to the mistress

  • Correct storage of products not only establishes conditions for a normal food of a family, but also saves time for their acquisition. To store products it is necessary in a cool place.

    Many owners of country sites store products in cellars and cellars. It is convenient to have two branches in a cellar: one for fresh, the second for kvashenyh and salty vegetables. The temperature in a cellar should be in the winter not more low 2° heat. In a cellar it is impossible to hold beginning to spoil or rotten vegetables. In the spring when the stock of vegetables comes to an end, a cellar carefully clean, take out regiments, wash them shchelokom and dry up on the sun, and walls bleach.

    If on cellar walls there was a mould, first of all, it is necessary to dry them (to this purpose apply the heated coals in a brazier, electroradiators). Then one part of salicylic acid should be dissolved in two parts of spirit, to dilute this solution with a small amount of water and to grease with it mould stains. This means not only destroys old stains, but also warns occurrence of the new.

    If in a cellar mice were got, it is necessary to strew a floor and regiments a dried camomile. If mice or rats progryzli courses, it is necessary to fall asleep apertures a camomile and to hammer in courses beaten glass, and from above to cover with clay, a lime or cement.

    Storage conditions of different products in cellars and cellars should be different.

    Cabbage for storage select with two green covering leaves. Kocherygu cut not at the head of cabbage, and, receding from it on 1 - 2 see to Store cabbage it is possible in bulk, but is better to suspend heads of cabbage, having connected them in pairs a twine. So it is possible to keep cabbage till the end of winter in a fresh condition. The temperature at cabbage storage should be in limits - 1 to +1°.

    At sauerkraut storage it is necessary to strew from time to time it from above one spoon of granulated sugar. Sugar at action of microorganisms turns to vinegar which keeps cabbage from damage.

    the Potato keep in cellars at temperature 4°. Before falling asleep a potato in storehouse, it should be sorted and dried up carefully. The potato can be kept also in holes. The superficial hole which has been dug out on a high sandy dry place, cover boards and to the bottom lower the air line made of boards. From above a hole with a potato close boards, on boards fill a dry layer of the earth (to 40 sm), and on it put fresh manure or straw and again an earth layer. Round a hole dig flutes that water flew down. Under such circumstances the potato remains till the spring.

    the Beet store the same as also a potato.

    Carrots and parsley put numbers (heads outside) and a number of fruits and again a sand layer fall asleep a sand layer, then again. The height of packing of numbers should not exceed 1 m. premise Temperature should be from 0 to +2°.

    Tomatoes for long storage select the greenish. Them stack layers in boxes, pour sawdust of a birch, an aspen or peat and put in a dark premise where the temperature can be from 0 to +2°.

    Cucumbers the salty will not grow mouldy, if at salting to put in ware a linen sack with grains of black pepper (50 gna a brine bucket).

    To avoid damage of the vegetables salted for the winter, in a flank it is necessary to cover them with a pure piece of a cloth, a circle from plywood or dostochek and from above to put cargo. Edges should be washed flanks periodically hot water. From time to time and cargo it is necessary to wash mugs.

    It is necessary to take Cabbage, apples, tomatoes or cucumbers from flanks not hands, and a spoon. Vegetables should be always covered by a brine on 3 - 4 see to Store the salted vegetables it is necessary in a cool place but so that they have not frozen.

    Onions store at temperature from - 1 to +20°. In storehouse regiments from reek on which fill onions a layer 35 become - 50 the onions see Before packing on storage cut off, separate dry stalks, sort and well dry.

    or parsley it is necessary to cut Fennel small, well to mix with salt (250 gsoli on 1 kgzeleni), densely to lay in glass jar, prisypat from above salt layer in 0,5 sm, to cover with a paper, to tie with a thread and to put in a cool place,

    Apples or can be kept pears for the winter the fresh. For this purpose they should be wiped dry, to turn in бvмагу and to put in boxes. To keep better winter grades. Preliminary a box bottom cover a paper and fill on it a layer, a soft wood shaving. From above put numbers the fruits papered. The first layer of fruits again cover with a paper, on it again put a shaving, and then the second layer of fruits. It is necessary to take a shaving from deciduous breeds of trees (a birch, an aspen, a linden) as the shaving from coniferous breeds transfers a smell of pitch to fruits. Instead of a shaving it is possible to use a small crumb of peat, but at all straw as it is quickly humidified, rots and transfers a smell decayed to fruits. To store pears and apples it is necessary at temperature from - 0,5 to +0,5°.

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