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Councils to the motorist

  • To get rid of a dust before garage it is necessary to arrive as follows. The platform should be processed a mix of water with 20%-s' solution chloric to exhaust. One such watering relieves a court yard of a dust for some months. The special effect turns out if to process a ground a mix during a rain.

    The Exhaust pipe rusts from within, therefore quickly fails. To prolong it "цшчэі" drill in the bottom part of a pipe more close to the engine an aperture and insert into it the muffled tubule with oil. At work oil will evaporate and, being cooled, will form on walls a protective film.

    Storage of tyre covers. Rubber (automobile tyres) should be protected from oil hit (oil dissolves rubber), from direct solar beams and from the raised temperature. Rubber needs to be wiped periodically special protective structure and to store in a cool crude premise. Good results gives two- or triple wiping of automobile tyres by a solution consisting of 50% of water and 50% of glycerine. At installation of their tyre covers it is necessary to cover with a talc layer from the inside.

    Antifreezes. in the Winter at strong frosts water in a radiator quickly freezes also the car difficultly to get. To facilitate this work, in a car radiator fill in special nonfreezing mixes - antifreezes. A basis of all antifreezes is etilenglikol, representing colourless transparent siropoobraznuju a liquid. It boils at temperature 197,2 °Р, and it 60%-s' water solution freezes at temperature - 40 °Р. To use etilenglikolem it is necessary cautiously. It is poisonous substance!

    Further structures of mixes are resulted and the temperature of their hardening is specified: 10% etilenglikolja and 90% of water, more low - 4° With; 20% etilenglikolja and 80% of water, more low - 90 °Р; 30% etilenglikolja and 70% of water, more low - 15 °Р; 40% etilenglikolja и.60 water%, more low - 24° With; 50% etilenglikolja and 50% of water, more low - 36 °Р.

    Umjagchenie of water for a radiator. That on radiator walls was less deposits (adjournment of the salts dissolved in water), water it is necessary umjagchat. Certainly, is better to fill in in a radiator the pure rain or distilled water. But, if such water is not present, usual water it is possible umjagchit trinatry phosphate.

    For umjagchenija waters of average rigidity on each 10 l add 5 g slaked to exhaust and 10 g soda. In some hours when the deposit will fall on a ware bottom, water cautiously pour in other vessel. Now water umjagchena and it it is possible to fill in in a radiator.

    If the radiator has got littered, it needs to be washed out. For this purpose from a radiator merge water. After all water will flow out, close drain cranes and fill a radiator with a mix consisting of 34 parts of water, 4 parts of kerosene and 1 part of the soda, dissolved in 40 parts of water. After filling of a radiator by a mix for 30 minutes include the engine. Then the engine switch off, a mix merge and wash out a radiator pure water.

    When such washing does not help, to radiator clearing apply hydrochloric acid. To resort to this measure it is necessary only as a last resort when other means do not help. Washing of a radiator by hydrochloric acid is carried out as follows: after washing of a radiator by water, it fill with a solution consisting of 5 parts of hydrochloric acid, 1 part of formaldehyde and 48 parts of water and start the engine. And at first in water pour in formaldehyde, and then hydrochloric acid.

    Through 3 - 4 hours switch off the engine and merge a solution. Then carefully wash out a radiator water in which acids for neutralisation the soda handful is dissolved. After such washing in a radiator fill in pure water which needs to be merged this very day. Then a radiator again fill with pure water and wash out after work of the engine within 10 hours.

    Acid corrodes radiator metal, therefore it cannot be left in a radiator longer, than it is necessary for dissolution of the postponed salts. It is very important, that in a radiator in pipes does not remain acid gramme.

    Means against zapotevanija glasses. In cold weather the car windshield mists over. To eliminate zapotevanie glasses, it is wiped structure from 79 parts of water, by 20 parts of glycerine, 1 part albumina, 0,1 parts of phenol.

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