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the Annual harvest season of the truck farmer

  • The Crop of vegetables depends in many respects on correct processing of soil. Processing shares on preseeding (spring) and preparatory (autumn) which is the basic.

    In the end of October, and even in first half of November, it is possible to continue still ploughing and perekopku sites, to conduct podzimny sowing of vegetable cultures.

    If on a kitchen garden the soil is insufficiently mastered and poor, at good weather under autumn continuous perekopku on a shovel bayonet it is useful to bring torfomineralnyj or other any compost (not less a semibucket on square metre). Skilled truck farmers dig on a bayonet - - one and a half foundation ditches and close up fallen down wood leaves, a grass, oven ashes, the vegetative rests. These organic substances improve soil structure, raise its fertility.

    At perekopke the earths carefully choose the rests, scraps of roots and rhizomes, long-term weeds (a sow-thistle, a wheat grass, a dandelion, vjunok, a buttercup and others), destroy caterpillars of a may-bug (cockchafer), medvedok and their larva, a bug-shchelkuna and its larva (provolochnik).

    On heavy and especially sour soil on which, grow a horsetail, shchavel small and horse, pikulnik, mint, a plantain, ivan-yes-marja, toritsa, a heather, under autumn perekopku bring izvest or ashes (300 - 500 g on 1 mg).

    The Sites intended under early cabbage and a potato, since autumn well fertilise manure, compost. Under onions, early table root crops (on a bunch) and under early green vegetable cultures - salad, spinach, fennel, a garden radish - simultaneously with compost, polupereprevshim manure, humus bring on 30 gna 1 m 2 phosphoric and potash fertilizers, to three glasses, wood ashes. The mixed valuable fertilizers in which except phosphorus and kalija, contains nitrogen (nitrofosk, a garden mix), bring in the spring. To level the soil dug up in the autumn and to break clods does not follow. The komkovataja surface detains snow is better, in soil collects a moisture more, in it wreckers faster perish. Their part, appeared on a surface, birds will choose.

    In November start to feed up birds, arranging for them feeding troughs. Them force down from boards, plywood and suspends on a tree or a pole, placing near to vegetable plantations and in gardens.

    On a site place boards or display branches for snegozaderzhanija. Your autumn cares of soil on it will be finished.

    In the Spring, as soon as soil "ёючЁхх=" it follows necessarily zaboronovat. It will prevent loss so necessary for reception of amicable shoots of a moisture. Other processings to reduce to a minimum in the spring, only on swimming away heavy soils it is possible to admit spring perekopku.

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