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the Bathroom and a lavatory

  • For convenience of using it is possible to equip a bathroom and a lavatory in addition. So, for storage of toilet accessories over a washstand it is possible to establish a special shelf. Such shelves of the different sizes executed from various materials, it is possible to get in shops.

    It is even better to strengthen on a wall a locker with regiments, and on a door it to hang up a mirror. Depth of a locker should be no more than 8 - 9 sm as differently it will disturb at washing. It is convenient to store the house first-aid set and cosmetics subjects in it.

    For toilet soap it is better to use not usual, but a magnetic soap tray (the holder for soap). Such soap trays established on the right side from a washstand, are very convenient, as the soap hanging on a magnet, quickly dries up after the use.

    To prevent razbryzgivanie waters at washing, on a drain aperture of the crane the same as and in kitchen, it is necessary to put on aerator.

    To close a waterpipe siphon, under washstand boards establish a metal bar from a wire in diameter about 3 - 4 mm with the small ringlets, curved under the washstand form. The bar should be attached to a wall on distance 2 - 3 sm from a bottom of a washstand and on it to suspend shtorki from opaque polyethylene or a usual fabric. The device such shtorki is expedient not only on aesthetic, but also for practical reasons. If under a washstand for shtorkoj to place the small whatnot with shelves (sliding) which is easy for making on it it will be convenient to store washing-up liquids for a bath, a laundry soap and other necessary subjects.

    That it was convenient to people of advanced age to enter into a bath and to leave it, on a wall, to the right of a bath, it is possible to make a special hand-rail in length about 28 of 20 sm from a bath board (before the bottom fastening of a hand-rail) and on distance of 70 sm from a wall on which there is a crane see It krepjat in vertical position height.

    Hinged plastic soap trays are most convenient For a bath on suckers, them it is possible to hang aboard baths or to attach in any place. At purchase it is necessary to check up, whether suckers well work.

    The Front party of a bath usually close a special guard or revet glazurovannoj with a ceramic tile (on a brick wall). It gives to a bath more beautiful and elegant kind and facilitates premise cleaning. It is possible to establish also under a bath board a bar and on it to hang up shtorku from a polyvinylchloride film. Instead of shtorki it is possible to use the panel which is easy for making. For this purpose from wooden reek it is necessary to make a framework, which size should correspond to length and bath height (to a board), to beat on framework wood-fiber plate and panel is ready. Such plate can be got in shops of building materials. It has very beautiful glossy surface with the accurate relief drawing similar on glazurovannuju a tile. These plates happen different colour - white, yellow, blue, black, etc. the Panel it is necessary to fix so that in case of need it was possible to remove it for access to a siphon of the drainage system located under a bathroom. Hangers for the towels, separate hooks or hangers with hooks for clothes are available on sale in wide enough assortment. From their number we recommend a hanger trehrozhkovuju for towels. To attach it it is necessary near to a washstand, and hooks for clothes - about a door or directly on it.

    Very often the mistress has a question: where to store the linen which is subject to washing? For this purpose in a bathroom it is possible to provide a small box with an elevating cover. The box height should be about 40 sm that it could use instead of a stool.

    For towels it is necessary to arrange Hangers on such distance from a washstand, that they not zabryzgivalis with water.

    If in a bathroom pass pipes central-heating, it is possible to suspend on them a special hanger from a corrosion-proof wire.

    On a wall sideways from a washstand it is possible to suspend a toilet locker.

    Under a bowl-washstand it is possible to place a locker for dirty linen or detergent powders and soap.

    In household shops it is possible to get the plastic loose leaf which will reduce diameter of a toilet bowl and will make its convenient for the child.

    The Sliding small bench on the castors, placed under a washstand locker, will facilitate to children using a washstand.

    To Lift kids to a washstand bowl on hands hardly and inconveniently, and to the child washing procedure in an inconvenient pose does not deliver pleasure. Make for the child a small bench with a step that he could get to the crane and wash. It will accustom it to independence.

    The per capita grids attached to a flexible hose are very convenient. That it was not necessary to hold a hose a hand, to a wall at convenient height attach capture which will allow to place a grid in any position so that the water stream fell slantwise on shoulders and a thorax bathing irrespective of its growth.

    To warn dampness occurrence on bathroom walls, it needs to be aired!

    In sewers of washstands, bowls sometimes skopljaetsja fat. For its elimination it is necessary to pour out boiled water in a bowl.

    That water was not sprayed at using a shower, it is necessary to establish a bar with rings and a water-proof per capita curtain from livinilhloridnoj films. Place it over a forward board of a bath at height of 2 m from a floor. The bottom edge of a hanging curtain should fall below a bath board on 25 - 30 see At bathing a curtain shower in a bath that water did not flow down on it on a floor.

    For drying of small things in a bathroom it is expedient to pull at height of 2 m one or two kapron threads (scaffold). Such threads (unlike a usual cord) practically are not visible and will not spoil a bathroom general view.

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