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it is necessary to Begin at first

  • So, you have chosen the project of an one-room garden small house. Now it is possible to start building. It does not mean that it is necessary to take shovels, a pick and to dig foundation ditches for the house base. It is still a long way off. It is necessary to think, first of all, where to dig and how to distribute not only constructions, but also each tree.

    Further not to be sorry about a criminal conduct and to avoid trudnopopravimyh errors, it is necessary to calculate all. It is necessary to take a sheet of paper, a pencil and a roulette, carefully to measure a site, to draw its plan for a paper and to define to all the place: from the small house to last bed. At experts it is called as distribution of functional zones, their mutual coordination.

    We Will follow to their councils and we will define such functional zones: a small house and economic, a garden-kitchen garden, rest. Building of each zone can have some variants. We take more expedient, last tests by time and in this connection recommended by experts for practical introduction.

    a small house Zone. the platform enters Into it before an input also. Conveniences of rest in many respects depend on a small house site on a site. It put at road with, a small space (a front garden) from it, in depth or in the site centre.

    The Arrangement of a small house at road is undesirable, as noise from it and a dust will constantly stir to rest. Not the best variant and a site in the heart of a site.

    Perhaps, the most correct will place a small house in the central part of a site, is slightly closer to road. At such variant the habitation will be isolated enough from road. Before it do decorative landings, break a kitchen garden. Behind a small house it is possible to take solar and air baths.

    the rest Zone represents a platform of the rectangular or wrong form in the size about from 10 to 15 m 2 . It adjoins a zone of a small house or is away from it. The platform can be protected from a wind a wooden wall (screen), a green hedge etc.

    For reception of air baths and rest in a shade arrange a canopy or pergolu, twined grapes or an ivy. The good shade is given by the big tree of deciduous breed - a mulberry, a nut, an apple-tree. In a rest zone put stationary or portable garden furniture, the equipment for employment by physical culture (a crossbeam, the Swedish wall, etc.).

    If in a family there are children, in a rest zone it is necessary to create a corner for games. Depending on age of children in a corner establish a sandbox, a swing, boom, a table with a bench.

    a garden-kitchen garden Zone usually the greatest on the area. On it there are fruit-trees, a kitchen garden, jagodnik, fructifying bushes. About this zone and its use we spoke above, in heads about gardening and truck farming.

    The Economic zone always should be placed a garden small house in the heart of a site, in one line with economic zones of other next sites.

    On the platform which has been taken away for an economic zone, economic constructions, a small court yard a platform before economic construction, a compost pit or a box in the size 1,5Х1,5 m.

    are under construction

    In those rare occurences when owners of a site do not lay out a garden, a kitchen garden, economic constructions do not erect, the site most part is taken away under a continuous green lawn on which are located a small house, the trees, blossoming bushes, flowers. Instead of economic construction sometimes construct Russian bath or a sauna.

    As vacation spot the garden site, undoubtedly, should be beautiful and cosy for rest. For achievement of this purpose put flowers, lay paths, build arbours, and even garden fireplaces, pools, beautiful fencings, etc.

    However it is necessary to note irrationality of such method. Refusal of landing of a kitchen garden, fruit trees, jagodnikov - nothing the defensible form of possession of the ground area. It is necessary to aspire to that a garden site to use universally - both for rest and in the practical purposes - for manufacture of fruit, vegetables for the family.

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