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  • In the special literature some hundreds types of arbours are described. These romantic constructions hardly probable not the main sign of each garden site.

    The Arbour - favourite vacation spot in a garden. It should be not only original and beautiful on the design, but also enough spacious for placing of a table, chairs and other furniture necessary for rest.

    From set of samples we have decided to bring to your attention three projects of various arbours on the design, created by different experts.

    The Open arbour can be built from various building materials. Bearing support do from steel or asboshifernyh pipes, a natural stone or wood. Horizontal and longitudinal bearing - beams do of wood. The roof can be stationary - tile, from roofing iron or demountable - from a canvas. A ground inside spread a stone or concrete tile. On a contour land twisted plants.

    Special beauty it is possible to reach a combination of the green plantings twisting walls of an arbour, to a decorative covering of floors.

    Floors do of fragments of a multi-coloured ceramic facing tile. Do it so: choose equal, absolutely smooth surface, clear it of a dust and small pebbles, cover a dense paper. Then force down a wooden frame on the size of a floor of an arbour with height of a side 2 see

    The Touched and cleared fragments of ceramic tiles sort by colours and the size. Then the glossy party stack them on a paper greased with flour or starched paste. That the conceived drawing has turned out, tiles need to be put taking into account colour, the size and to aspire to that the backlash between them was as less as possible. When all frame will be laid by tile slices, on it impose a wire grid and the form fill in with a concrete solution.

    For hardening (shvatyvanija) concrete enough three days. After that a mosaic plate take out from a frame together with the stuck paper which wash off warm water.

    Even at careful pouring of the form by a concrete solution all the same there are rough joints, between tile slices. These backlashes cover with a cement mortal. Then all surface some times wipe wet sawdust. It reaches cleanliness and shine.

    However after such processing mosaic plates are yet ready to packing. It is necessary for definitive hardening of tiles of not less than three weeks. Work, frankly speaking, the busy. But originality, beauty and cheapness of received production pays back spent time.

    One more original project of an arbour Is offered. At the heart of an easy graceful structure there are three support connected by metal or wooden fights to which the awning from a bright canvas is attached. In an arbour the little table of such design that can be if necessary and a bench is arranged.

    Wooden elements of the square form which can be used on one as seats enter Into an arbour composition or to block in plank beds. For wooden seats do porolonovye pillows in multi-coloured covers. In a combination to a bright awning these elements are an arbour ornament.

    Surfaces of wooden elements of a structure should not be painted a paint. It is better to grind them nazhdachnoj a skin then to impregnate with drying oil and to cover with a transparent varnish.

    The Floor of such arbour it is possible zamostit a stone-plitnjakom, concrete plates or wooden round timbers. As a floor perfectly looks and the well-groomed green lawn serves.

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