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Book shelves

  • We Offer three samples of book shelves. Perhaps, to somebody they will seem approaching on to idea and appearance and accessible on a design.

    The Two first sample - pendant. In one case all construction fastens to a ceiling, and in other - to the top part of a wall. Thinking over a design, it is necessary to take into consideration offered loading, a material of a ceiling and walls, a way of fastening podvesov. To suspend regiments conveniently on chains from not large links (it is possible to pick up in the hunting shops), decorative twisted cords or kanatikah, colour kapron cords etc.

    The Third design - more traditional, for it serves as a material wood. All its elements are not difficult under the form, simply fasten, but lateral walls demand exact manufacturing and reliable joining to a horizontal board. The greatest loading falls on ground floors, and they need to be made especially strong.

    At cut cutting out in a lateral wall its sizes need to be sustained so that the top wall densely sat down on bottom, but would not lean thus against a horizontal board.

    More and more fans of books create private libraries. If it is a lot of books, one case, and two or three is required not. In this case can gain the glazed book section regiments also.

    How it is better to place book shelves?

    Often regiments establish strictly one over another or nearby with each other. It is the idle time, but not the best variant. It is better to put them, displacing as on a vertical, and across that between them there were gleams where can be placed openly, not behind glass, pottery, vases with the flowers, souvenirs, knickknacks, hours, a radio receiver, art photos or pictures.

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