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As how to build on a garden site

  • Each owner of a garden site if he wishes to become the competent and rational owner, should actively and join in interesting and fascinating affairs what civil work and an accomplishment on a garden site are safely. We mean zemleustroitelnye works, building of a small house and economic premises, the device of hotbeds, hothouses, time shelters, a construction of an arbour, the most simple pool, Russian bath or a sauna, manufacturing of elementary furniture in country conditions, etc.

    We hope that the generalised recommendations about all these questions, carefully selected as from a wide experience of experts-architects, builders, and the house masters having experience in an accomplishment of garden sites, will be for you interesting and instructive.

    I at first will draw the House such what I want...

    To Build something, especially the house, without the project it is impossible. Projects and ways of building of garden small houses, as in domestic, and foreign practice, now huge set. You can familiarise with them in the special literature.

    Our problem - to recommend to you, dear readers, rational, convenient, inexpensive constructions whom as it is possible more full would answer the appointment and had communication with surrounding nature.

    Building on a standard project removes many efforts from gardeners and facilitates work. Now wide popularity was got also by building of summer garden small houses under individual projects.

    Specifications on designing and building of garden small houses are not identical. So, for example, in Ukraine the useful area of a garden small house should make no more than 20 m 2 , verandahs - 10 m 2 . On a garden site it is authorised to construct the economic block the area no more than 15 m 2 . In it it is possible to place a shower, a toilet, pantries, open-air cages for birds and rabbits, beehives for five pchelosemej. In a small house or in economic construction the cellar is arranged.

    Recently the great popularity was received by standard projects. They provide rational methods of building of summer garden small houses from a brick and wooden designs.

    We have already agreed that to your attention, the reader, we will offer projects on which you can construct practical, at the same time rather original and quite accessible to wide layers of owners of garden sites, small houses and economic constructions. For such example we have chosen recommendations of Kiev architect M.I.Baranovsky of the author of many printing editions.

    The Reasonable price and the minimum complexity at building the type of the one-room small house consisting of a living room and a verandah or a terrace for rest differs. Cooking is carried out out of a small house - under a canopy or on the open area, and auxiliary premises (a pantry, a toilet, a shower) are in economic construction.

    In need of such small house it is possible to improve, make its dwelling for long time. In it, except a living room, it is possible to equip kitchen-niche. Rest conditions in an one-room small house can be improved essentially if to arrange an alcove - a niche for a bed.

    As the Occasional seat for rest in the open air at a garden small house the terrace - a platform which is adjoining a small house and not having roofs can serve. The terrace area is not normalised.

    The Terrace can have a protection in the form of freely standing stone or wooden walls. Trellised, wooden or ceramic protections, and also barriers in the form of a green hedge are very beautiful.

    The Floor of terraces can be the diversified - from stone plates, a tree, a brick.

    The Beautiful and strong covering can be made of round timbers. Do them as follows. A thick log saw on equal parts, then necessarily impregnate with an antiseptic tank - any means against wood rotting. After that round timbers drive in the earth. Grounds between round timbers sow with a grass.

    With two living rooms at ground floor level it is recommended to arrange the Small house for the big family in the absence of a mansard floor. One of two rooms should be big. Another - usually is a bedroom - can have the minimum sizes. In a two-room small house it is expedient to arrange kitchen-niche. To allocate a separate premise for kitchen it is undesirable, as the sizes of living rooms decrease.

    Kitchen. the Area of a separate premise of kitchen in a garden small house makes 3-4 m 2 . It is equipped with a tile (on firm fuel, gas or electric), a table-case for processing of products, a hinged locker for ware and a small refrigerator.

    The Kitchen-niche separates from space of a living room a curtain. It is equipped with a tile, a table-case and a bowl.

    Convenience, and the main thing comfort of rest considerably raises at the device of additional rooms in a mansard floor. Usually there place one - two bedrooms. Such decision allows at small expenses, rationally using space under a roof and without increasing volume of a building and the building area, it is essential to expand a useful area.

    If such small house is used in a cold season, it is recommended to arrange the forward area to 3 m 2 . An obligatory element of a small house is the verandah. This not heated premise (but it is better with unary ostekleniem) is intended for rest in the open air, for food intake and childish sports. To use a verandah as a lobby it is irrational. On a verandah the simplified furniture from stroganyh boards or a round timber is pertinent wattled, and also. It is necessary to give special attention to verandah gardening. For twisted greens do special decorative lattices.

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