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the Burning out on a tree

  • It is possible to be engaged in the Burning out and without being able to draw, and copying patterns and drawings. Devices for a burning out are on sale ready complete sets in shops of recreational goods and in the economic. The most various grades of wood suit a burning out. It is recommended to begin with softer breeds, for example from a linden, passing then to firmer - a plane tree, an oak.

    The plate Surface before a burning out should be processed carefully a skin. After that on a plate the original - of drawing is imposed and translated on a tree by means of a transfer paper. Now it is possible to start a burning out. The device for a burning out is supplied by a delay heated by an electric current. Operating with a delay as a pencil, burn out at first contours, and then internal lines of drawing. At a burning out of strokes for a background a tip with a delay drive from top to down (to itself).

    Burnt lines should have soft dark brown tone. It is necessary to watch, that it did not pass in black and that the tree did not char is spoils appearance of work. At the slightest break in a burning out lado there and then to switch off the transformer, to wait, while the heated delay will cool down, and only after that to put vyzhigatel on a table. For elektrovyzhigatelja it is necessary to make a wire or tin support.

    Burnt drawing can be painted. If the tree badly absorbs a paint, it is necessary to cover a plate preliminary with a weak solution of gelatin and to allow to it to dry out. It is possible to moisten by means of a brush a tree with water. For colouring use a water colour or oil paints. When raskraska it is ended, it is necessary to varnish drawing or to rub with wax.

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