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Care of footwear (a part 2)

  • If the footwear presses a little, wrap it for some minutes in the towel which moistened in boiled water and has been well wrung out. The rigid dried up footwear grease with cod-liver oil or kastorovym oil and brush or a woollen rag.

    The Varnish footwear from heating becomes sticky, and on a frost bursts, therefore it cannot be stored near to heating devices and in a cold premise.

    For the best safety varnish footwear grease with a thin layer lanolinovogo a cream.

    Stains on colour footwear deduce onions juice.

    If you want, that the footwear did not pass water, wipe its rag moistened in linen oil, and soles rub with a warm mix from 10 g paraffin and 10 g linen oil.

    At footwear purchase is better to try on it on two socks, and to women on a stocking and a sock. The footwear in lifting should not press, and the thumb should not rest against a sock. The close inconvenient footwear can lead ploskostopiju, to a curvature of fingers. In the summer in footwear it is useful to put insoles.

    If leather gloves are rather small, wrap them in a crude rag at some o'clock, then put on hands and in such kind dry up.

    Leather gloves sometimes fade from a wrong side and spoil hands. Rub from a seamy side talc - and gloves will cease to fade.

    Kastorovoe oil - the best food for leather products. The footwear greased with it becomes soft and water-proof, shine of a skin thus remains.

    With approach of winter waterproof raincoats and things from rubber sprinkle with talc, summer footwear grease with fat (a cream, vaseline).

    To protect white-fur from pozheltenija, we advise in the summer to store it in a bag or a cover of dark blue colour.

    It is possible to keep away deterioration of clothes on elbows. Especially it concerns knitted products. On sleeves sew from a wrong side a piece of an easy matter, it is desirable the same colour. Then the lining, instead of jersey will be wiped.

    Thin silk linen store washed, but not glazhennym.

    Before filling a pillowcase of a pillow with down, it is necessary to impregnate with its hot soap solution and to dry up, not poloskaja. For a solution it is necessary to take soap of good grades, it is desirable toilet. Then a pillowcase iron not so hot iron. The best material for pillows - percale.

    Do not hang up in a case woollen clothes just taken off from. It needs to be aired, cleared at first of a dust and only after that to hang up in a case.

    Do not hang up clothes on a chair back. From it it gets out of the shape. Having come from street, at once hang up a coat or a dress on a coat hanger. It is important, that they corresponded to the form and a clothing size. A short coat hanger it is extended sleeves, long - will make on them dents. Dresses with the big cut of a mouth slide off any coat hanger, therefore a coat hanger should be fitted a fabric.

    The Wet woollen clothes cannot be dried near to heating. From heat the fabric loses the natural properties.

    On a balcony, a terrace or in a court yard conveniently for linen drying to use a mobile dryer.

    If fabrics before poshivkoj not dekotirovalis, they during washing can sit down. Therefore in a dress it is necessary to unpick a bottom that then there were no bend traces before washing.

    If the tie was soiled, it most easier to clean denatured alcohol. Roll it freely, put in a mug and pour there so much gasoline that the tie has been covered by it. Leave so on an hour or two. Then wring out and, without unscrewing, hang up to dry in the open air.

    That a tie to iron, use a lining from a cardboard which should be enclosed in a tie. It is necessary to iron through a damp fabric.

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