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Care of footwear

  • The Footwear should be cleaned daily. A dirt from footwear after its drying clear a brush and wipe a pure dry rag, then grease with a cream and again brush.

    If the footwear has become wet, it should be wiped a damp rag and densely to fill a newsprint. Last absorbs a moisture, and footwear, gradually drying up, keeps the style. To dry footwear it is necessary at a room temperature.

    On light footwear from water there are stains. It is recommended to grease right after such footwear purchases with a thin layer of a corresponding cream; for modelling footwear it is necessary to use a first-rate quality cream; it is necessary to polish with a soft brush and sukonkoj. The polluted brush wipe turpentine or gasoline. Easy pollution from light footwear delete warm milk or a mix of milk and the turpentine taken in equal doses.

    The Become shiny suede footwear clean an ink elastic band or a thin skin.

    For cleaning of modelling colour footwear it is sometimes difficult to pick up a cream of the necessary colour and high quality. It is possible to prepare such cream from beeswax and turpentine. In the absence of its wax it is possible to replace with paraffin, but quality of a cream from it will worsen a little: shine will be not such bright and not such steady, as at use of natural beeswax. Prepare a cream as follows: on a usual grater rub wax or paraffin. Three table spoons of the received powder rasplavljajut on weak fire; separately heat up in ware with hot water of a half-glass of pure turpentine. To heat up turpentine on fire it is impossible. The fused wax or paraffin pour in, stirring slowly, in warm turpentine. The homogeneous liquid weight which after cooling turns to paste is thus formed. From wax paste turns out yellowish colour, from paraffin - white. If wish to paint the received cream in any colour, add in it while it is in a liquid state, one-two drops of an oil paint of corresponding colour. To store a cream it is necessary in bank with a screwed cover.

    It is good to grease Varnish footwear with following structure: one egg yolk mix with three table spoons of turpentine and carefully shake up, that the homogeneous weight has turned out; in this weight add one teaspoon kastorovogo oils, then a mix again shake up. Prepared emulsiju put a thin layer on varnish footwear and allow to it to be absorbed slightly, the rest wipe a rag.

    Varnish footwear during winter time before putting on, warm a little, differently it can crack.

    For winter sports it is necessary to impregnate Footwear with waterproof ointment which it is easy to prepare. On weak fire slowly heat up two glasses of natural drying oil or type drying oil "+ъёюыі"; to it add, stirring slowly, two table spoons of rubber glue. Separately rasplavljajut two table spoons of the crushed paraffin and all well mix. Before the use the prepared ointment warm up, putting in a vessel with hot water, and then rub in a sole and footwear top.

    For greasing of marsh boots use aforementioned structure with half-glass addition kastorovogo oils.

    It is necessary to wash Rubber boots and galoshes with a soft rag under a plentiful stream of water. Strongly to rub rubber footwear it is impossible, as from it it loses the shine. To restore it it is possible, having covered footwear with an oil varnish to which add rubber glue (1 teaspoon on 0,5 l of a varnish). To paint this varnish in black colour it is possible a black paint from tubes. Such varnish should dry not less than 24 hours.

    On footwear the skin surface is often peeled. That the damaged place has not become soiled and there was no stain, it is necessary to grease this place with a thin layer of glue -"…И-2" and, having allowed to it to dry up, press slightly plenochku skin. If plenochka has come off, the damaged place also grease with glue "…И-2" and it after glue drying becomes hardly noticeable and does not become soiled.

    Not less often than two times a week it is necessary to grease footwear with a cream. It put a soft brush or a rag. In some minutes footwear brush and lead up to shine barhatkoj or sukonkoj. The wet footwear should be wiped a dry rag. It is impossible to dry footwear at heating devices. To store it it is necessary in a dry cool place. If the footwear was in a damp premise and has become covered by a mould, grease with its gasoline.

    That the sole on footwear wore out, cautiously more slowly not to soil footwear top, grease it some times linen or kastorovym with oil or glycerine.

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