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  • The Big role in apartment furniture is played by carpets, carpet paths. They warm a floor, protect it from a dust and a dirt and at the same time decorate a room. Carpets hang up and on walls. However in modern apartments the carpet which is hung up on a wall and going down for an ottoman, looks is a little bulky, not always corresponds to modern furniture and aspiration to simplicity.

    Carpets place differently: cover all plane of a floor or a part it, allocating, for example, utolok for rest. The big carpet with drawing is beautiful only in a spacious room, such carpet will block up a room of the average size with an abundance and a variety of paints of a pattern, covering other conditions. The small carpet before a sofa, at a desk or at a bed will decorate a room.

    Buying a carpet, it is necessary to remember that its colour and drawing should be combined with other subjects of furniture. It is not necessary to decorate apartment multi-colour carpets, it will bring diversity in an interior.

    The Special place in a dwelling ornament belongs to carpets from the manufactured skins of animals: a bear, a tiger, a wolf. The skin with a head and paws looks very beautifully and on a floor before a sofa, and on an ottoman. Small rugs from fur of a goat, a hare, put before a bed, are pleasant for a bare foot. It is necessary to remind, however, that carpets from fur demand especially careful leaving not only because in them skopljaetsja a dust but also because they need to be preserved from ask. The fur carpet should be beaten out regularly, even to sprinkle insektitsidami in the winter, and for the summer to clean.

    Except carpets of the different size and different. Drawings, it is possible to use carpet paths. They happen one-colour, to a border of other colour or with drawing.

    Paths usually put in a corridor, in a lobby to protect, a floor from a dirt which bring from street. Small rugs and paths of a handicraft work from a wool of bright colours with drawing in a strip or a cage are very beautiful. Also small rugs with woven drawing on the national motives, hung up on a wall elegantly look.

    Carpets and paths can be also from linoleum with different drawings. They can be put in a corridor, on a terrace, on a balcony.

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