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the Case-refrigerator at a balcony door

  • With approach of winter at the people living in city apartments, arises a little purely winter problems. Here two of them: one - warming of a balcony door which becomes frequent a source of cooling of a room, another - storage of stocks of vegetables and a pickles. Both these problems it is possible to solve simply enough by means of a case-refrigerator established at a balcony door. It represents the wooden box which one Party is closed and turned into a room, another, opened - to a balcony door

    The Case well isolates a premise from a cold, at the same time in it the temperature from zero to several degrees of heat remains.

    The Sizes of a locker are defined by a place with which it will occupy. If the window sill is too narrow, it is possible to expand it, having created thereby a uniform surface a window sill-case.

    The locker Design is clear from drawing. Certainly, it is necessary to provide, that end faces of the bottom shelf and lateral walls blocked cracks of balcony doors. The locker is mobile, as is established on castors (it is possible on felt linings). In the winter a balcony use a little but if it is necessary to leave on it, the locker is easily removed. There is no need in door warming in the summer, and it is possible to put it in other place or to take out on a balcony.

    As the Material for manufacturing boards will serve, the plywood, washing wall-paper, it is possible to finish the top cover and a window sill with decorative plastic.

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