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the Case for window piers

  • How many at us arises problems with placing of things, the books, different trifles. It seems, already all empty seat is used to a limit! Whether but so! Look at window piers, whether annoyingly, what they vanish in vain?

    How to use this free space? Very simply: to occupy with its cases, narrow and superficial. Such locker, high, from a ceiling to a floor, the skilled house master can make itself, and not skilled - to order in a furniture workshop.

    For those who will dare to get down to business, we result sketches and some recommendations. First of all the case should be not deeper 30 - 40 sm, accordingly get out also width. The already a pier, the more small a case, its form not necessarily should be rectangular in a narrow pier it can be semicircular. Not to experience difficulty in acquisition of a lengthy material, the case gathers from three sections. On lateral walls and doors of the top and bottom sections will go drevesnostruzhechnye plates (DSP) or veneered furniture plates in the thickness 15 - 20 mm. Walls of average section can be made of plywood or stuck together twice orgolita, external end faces of section amplify square brusochkami.

    The furnish Type is defined by a material of which the case is made. The paint and varnish covering can be transparent or opaque. For example, a case from listed above materials (except the plates which have been pasted over with an interline interval of wood of valuable breeds or self-glued wall-paper under a tree) it is necessary to finish with opaque paints.

    All materials of section " From practice house ьрё=хЁют"