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the Children's corner

  • In the conditions of small apartment not always it is possible to allocate a separate room for children. But even in the most modest conditions parents should take away a corner for the child, take care not only of that in it there was all necessary and corresponding to age of the child but also that its corner was in harmony with the general part of a room.

    The Place for the child can be in a bedroom of parents. Choose it near to a window so that it has been well shined by a daylight and it was intensively aired.

    Everything, than uses the child, should correspond to its growth and age that it without assistance could sit down on a chair, get a toy, remove and hang up the towel, outer clothing. But such subjects as a lamp, with water, it is necessary to place the switch, a decanter or a jug so that to the child who has not learnt yet to use by these subjects, it was impossible to get them.

    Arranging a corner of the child, take care, that everything that surrounds your children, was not only is strong, pure and hygienic, but also it is beautiful. All children love pictures, flowers, bright, cheerful paints. Therefore, choosing wall-paper, an upholstery just for decoration, various small things for a corner of the child, try, that all it in some measure corresponded also to taste of children.

    The Bed with a high handrail - one of the main subjects of a set of children's furniture. Beds with a falling lattice or a grid facilitating the approach to the sleeping child and perestilku of bed are very good. There are the children's beds which are moved apart at length in process of growth of the child.

    To Children of preschool age, except a berth, it is necessary to allocate an empty seat on a floor, to put there-carpet. A little table with boxes for pencils, paints, etc. or a locker with a folding board for drawing, a low standing shelf for toys and books also are necessary in a corner of the preschool child. In the bottom of a standing shelf it is possible to make a drawer for not breaking toys (balls, cubes, etc.).

    Regiments are better for veiling moved apart curtains (on ringlets or a wire, from a chintz or other well erased fabric with cheerful drawing).

    On a wall it is possible to beat a piece of smooth linoleum which will replace to kids a paper: on not so dark linoleum it is convenient to draw colour pencils. Children with pleasure use this original slate board and do not try to draw on walls, to spoil wall-paper. It is convenient to attach to linoleum buttons or small carnations of a card, a picture. A board from linoleum can use and schoolboys of elementary grades: they can write on it a chalk, as at school.

    The Corner of the schoolboy first of all should include a place for preparation of lessons, for storage of textbooks, writing-books and other school accessories. The desktop of the schoolboy should be such that on it it was convenient to write, spread out a writing-book, the book, school accessories. Is better to use an ordinary writing table with two boxes and the simple rigid chair which legs can be filed a little. It is good to cover a table with a dense paper. The height of tables and chairs should correspond to growth of the child. On a wall over a table it is good to hang up sheets of a wood-fiber plate with apertures in which wire hooks for naveski tools, sports accessories, etc. fasten.

    The folding table representing a board is convenient For kids, attached on loops to the narrow wooden lath horizontally beaten to a wall in using. The board leans against an arm attached on loops to a vertical lath, also beaten to a wall is perpendicular to the first, but below it. The table is good for painting an oil or enamel paint under colour of walls that it was less appreciable when it will lower. In process of growth of the child the table can be strengthened above, and thus, it can serve not one year. Natural and artificial light should fall on a table at the left.

    In a children's room the built in folding children's beds with low backs and folding legs are convenient. After bed installation in vertical position it draw a curtain from a fabric. Bedding per day fastens to a bed two belts for their fixation on a mattress at otkidyvanii beds. It is possible to use also the beds one of which moves under another in the afternoon. In a room of the extended proportion along one of its walls can be established and usual berths which are used in the afternoon for a seat. But also in this case in the afternoon they should occupy vomozhno less places. In the evening, before a dream, pillows put on covers of boxes which can be established and in inclined position and serve thus podgolovnymi as pillows. This design of a bed is good still that its length can be changed.

    Now were extended two-story beds. In the evening they can be reduced and established nearby. For this purpose on joints of legs the elementary plugs protecting casual separation of beds in two-story position should be provided. On two-story cots teenagers sleep usually.

    Wide popularity was received by cases-secretaries and pendant regiments-secretaries.

    Desktops can be established in parallel a window, at an angle or along a wall. Thus we will notice that, Sitting faced to a wall, the schoolboy will distract less. Over tables and on walls often strengthen regiments for books access to which should be free.

    The Table for games and employment should be rectangular as, being engaged behind a round table, children press a thorax to a table cover, and at drawing and a moulding elbows at them are on weight that tiresomely and disturbs to development of correct skills. Scissors can be necessary for employment, a needle, a penknife for children. These things should not be left in a children's corner. Adults should give to their children as required and watch how children use them.

    The Schoolboy should clean the table itself: to change a paper, to watch, that on a table there was no heap of superfluous things. Writing-books, books, a portfolio and other accessories should be stored in the place taken away for them (in table boxes, on the whatnot, in a locker). For children of younger school age the desire something is characteristic to make. To well schoolboy to give a paper, a cardboard, plates, nails, rags, threads, glue, etc. All should be stored it in the closed box or on the closed shelf. For children 8 - 10 years are desirable to get a school set of joiner's tools (a hammer, luchkovuju a saw or nozhovku, pincers, rotation, etc.). For joiner's works it is possible to use a usual stool.

    The Cage with birds, a small aquarium with fishes will recover a children's corner. It is good, if since the early childhood children are accustomed to care of birds, fishes to look after colours, to keep in order toys and books.

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