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  • The Gift! Big or small, expensive or cheap, he speaks about attention. And the attention comprises both love, and respect. In it value of porcelain figures, colours, ornaments also consists.

    Whether you Are able to give? All know that it is not always easy to choose a suitable gift for friends by a holiday. Going to give a gift, you should remember not only tastes of your acquaintances, but also consider, whether pertinently to the given event to give something.

    All rejoice to gifts - both adult, and small. But, perhaps, most of all it children and women rejoice. Children with impatience wait the birthday, guessing that it will present. But what it to present? Teachers advise not to indulge children expensive things. It is not necessary them to present gifts without cause. Children get used to them and lose ability to appreciate attention.

    If you have decided to give to the child pleasure, do it without any reservations. Children love clockwork toys, dolls, picture-books - in a word everything that is directly connected with their children's world, with their interests, with their irrepressible imagination.

    If you wish to present something to the beloved, be not guided only by the taste. You would like to present it earrings, a necklace, a brooch, hours? Think that will be in harmony most of all with its shape that will satisfy its taste.

    The Gift should be individual. Let it will be small, inexpensive, but necessarily thought over. Very pleasant gift - flowers. Their fragrance and beauty always please. In any case do not forget about gift packing. Very much neestetichno the gift which has been wrapped up by the newspaper or a rough paper looks. Also do not forget about one: the gift becomes more expensive, if you present it with warm words, with sincere, kind wishes.

    Any gift which you receive, testifies to attention. Be able to appreciate it. There are no small and big gifts. Will pass years. Both expensive necklace, and a small ceramic figure will equally remind you of one of your holidays, about friendly feelings.

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