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Cleaning (a part 2)

  • For upholstered furniture cleaning it is possible to use and rigid platjanuju a brush hardly wound with a double layer of a gauze or a linen rag, moistened in salty water and well wrung out. After that furniture carefully clean a dry rigid brush.

    It is possible to wash the furniture Upholstered with a fabric: an upholstery wipe a rag moistened in soapsuds, then dry wipe a pure rag.

    Any synthetic washing-up liquid for woollen fabrics can be applied with success to cleaning obivochnogo a material on upholstered furniture.

    Doors, and also the pieces of furniture upholstered with leatherette (in particular chairs, armchairs with which especially grjaznjatsja) it is better to wash only with warm water. Washing-up liquids including soap, it is not recommended to apply.

    Care of the polished furniture. All know that the polished furniture, as any another, pylitsja. You take a dry rag (wet it is impossible to wipe the polished furniture) and carefully wipe a table, cases, chairs. And through for an hour or two dust layer again appears on the polished surface. Why it occurs? The person, wiping the polished surface, thereby elektrizuet it as the varnish is completely deprived elektroprovodnosti. The particles of a dust which are in air, too bear electric charges. Therefore the dust is quickly drawn to the polished surface. We speak about it that it was clear, why into modern means on care of furniture enter the components removing elektrizatsiju of a varnish coat, - antistatics. And still we wish to pay your attention, dear readers, that it is impossible to buy in shops preparations for furniture cleaning, without knowing for which it it is intended. Modern furniture finish mainly polyester, poliuretanovym or nitrocellulose varnishes. In the instruction on application of this or that preparation this feature is marked, and it needs to be considered at a choice of means for care of furniture. Naturally, we cannot tell about all preparations. Them much. We take for an example some types.

    "¤юышЁюыі-2" - emulsija on an oil basis of the dairy colour, containing mineral oils, solvents and the substance, providing antistatic properties. This preparation removes both fatty, and water-soluble pollution. The direction of use is simple: the soft rag moistened "¤юышЁюыхь" wipe a furniture surface, leave structure for 30 minutes then wipe furniture dry.

    "¤юышЁюыі-4" it is convenient that not only well clears, but also polishes furniture. Moreover, it does "ьхыъшщ Ёхьюэ=" - paints over hollows and scratches. In this preparation, except mineral oil and. Antistatic, solvents and dyes contain. Each preparation from "ёхьхщё=тр "¤юышЁюыхщ" has the features. On them it is informed in instructions on application.

    The Varnish covering of furniture has feature in due course to grow old and dull. It is promoted by a sunlight which gradually destroys a varnish coat. Service life of such furniture can be prolonged, if on the varnished surface to put a layer of wax which well absorbs solar beams. For such care of furniture such preparations very approach: "ЂёъЁр" "ЂёъЁр-72" "-юёъ-3" "-юёъ-72" "Ряхчшрыі" (the means which has been let out under recipes of experts from GDR). These preparations contain in the structure voski or oils. They possess antistatic properties. All these preparations have an identical direction of use: the thin layer of paste is put on the varnished surface. Through 20 - 30 mines, when paste will dry up, start to polish a surface with a soft fabric to shine.

    At buyers preparations which update furniture use the Deserved demand. First of all them concern "-ѕёшё=№щ" "-ѕёшё=№щ-1" "-юь¶юЁ=" let out in aerosol packing; contain voski, oils and other connections. It is enough cylinder to process from 7 to 10 m 2 surfaces. Before application cylinder contents shake up also a uniform stream spray on a surface. Through 2 - 3 minutes surpluses of structure remove a pure soft rag and polish to shine.

    Some words about napkins "ёѕ§ющ ѕсюЁъш". They are made of the dense fleecy cotton fabric impregnated with antistatic. Here some their names: "Л¦=" - it is impregnated voskopodobnym by substance; it is possible to use about 5 times, thus does not lose the, polishing properties. "+Ёхюы" - it is impregnated by the structure containing a thin abrasive; excellent means for restoration of shine of the grown dull furniture.

    The Stain left a glass of hot tea on the varnished surface of a table, drives to despair the mistress. And meanwhile there is a simple way of disposal of such stain. Take a soft student's elastic band and erase a stain on a table how would erase pencil blots on a sheet of paper, and then wipe all surface of a table a liquid "¤юышЁюыі-2". The table will look as new.

    To Delete a dust from the varnished and polished surface follows a dry and pure piece of a flannel, cloth or plush, from a carving - a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner.

    To update not polished furniture, it is necessary to wash its warm water with soap and dry to wipe. Then to wipe such structure: small nastrugannyj wax to put in bank, to fill in with turpentine, to bank to put in a pan with hot water. When wax will fuse, to mix structure and in regular intervals thin layer to put it on wooden parts of furniture, and through 1 - 2 days to rub them sukonkoj.

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