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Cleaning (a part 3)

  • For removal of stains from an upholstered furniture upholstery with a warm soap solution moisten a dry tooth-brush (or a rag) and wipe it place preliminary cleared of a dust with a stain then wash out pure water, dry up and iron. Fresh fatty stains should be ironed not strongly nagretym an iron through two-three layers of a blotting paper, having enclosed it as well under a stain. The blotting paper absorbs the fat most part. Stains from wax and stearin can be deduced in the same way, but after proglazhivanija their iron still it is necessary to wipe denaturirovannym spirit. The stain should be cleaned from edges to the middle. If round a stain it is formed "юЁхюы" it should be wiped gasoline, and then to cover with a blotting paper and to iron a warm iron. Inveterate fatty stains leave at first gasoline, and then soap.

    Fresh stains from an oil paint wipe the cotton wool impregnated with turpentine, acetone, and then liquid ammonia before full removal of a stain. Inveterate soak turpentine, clean off a strong solution of baking soda and carefully wash out warm water. Stains from tea and eggs delete a glycerine mix (4 parts) and liquid ammonia (1 part). Possible thus "юЁхюы" slightly rub with gasoline, and after drying wash out a warm soap solution. Inveterate stains from tea moisten with a warm solution shchavelevoj acids (2 - 3 g on 1 glass of water) and carefully wash out warm water.

    Carpets should be cleaned before floor sweeping, and after cleaning to bend or combine, that on them has not settled a dust. That the dust did not scatter on a room during cleaning, it is necessary to humidify or wrap up a broom the damp and well wrung out rag.

    It is possible to scatter damp weak tea (it well incorporates a dust) on a carpet and displace its broom moistened in hot soap water.

    Not less often than an once in a week it is good to clean a carpet a vacuum cleaner with obverse and from a seamy side. At first clean a wrong side that the dust from it was not soaked up in a carpet. A vacuum cleaner brush drive back and forth on top lengthways, instead of across, having cleaned a strip to edge, pass to the next strip etc.

    If there is no vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to beat out carpets in the street; beat out their wrong side up, having hung up on a special crossbeam. In no event it is impossible to beat out a carpet, having hung up it on a fence or a cord for linen as thus it collapses. After vybivanija a carpet will sweep off a broom from both parties.

    It is good to clean carpets dry snow in the Winter. But if damp, it it is impossible to do snow: mixing up with a dust, snow turns to dirty water which is absorbed in a carpet.

    For cleaning of synthetic carpets within first six months it is not recommended to use rigid brushes and a vacuum cleaner.

    Before departure in long business trip, holiday or on a summer residence during the summer period carpets should be spread on a floor upwards pile, to cover with a newsprint, and on it to put bags with naphthalene. After that a carpet.nado to roll in a roll as it is possible more densely (is better on a wooden stick) and to wrap up some times the dense paper protecting from penetration of a dust.

    Very polluted carpets presoak in the water softened with soda or liquid ammonia. Then take out from water and wipe a brush moistened with a mylno-soda solution to which turpentine (30 g on 1 is added. Wash out a carpet at first warm, and then cold water, water should be flowing. To cold water add acetic acid (10 - 15 g on a water bucket). Wipe wet, and then a dry rag. But it is better to hand over such carpets in a dry-cleaner.

    The Faded paints on a carpet can be restored, clearing its salty water in which it is possible to add a little lemon acid. Wiping of a carpet by the damp rag moistened in vinegar, also recovers the faded paints.

    In seaside cities carpets can be erased in the sea. For revival of colour of a carpet after washing it wipe a rag moistened in water in which it is added a few vinegar.

    To Protect carpets from ask it is possible sprinkling them from time to time liquid insektitsidom, especially carefully it is necessary to process a carpet surface in corners of a room and under a sofa, having got it moving forward.

    Doors, window frames, the walls painted by an oil paint, often wash with water with soap and soda. It is not necessary to do it, as the paint becomes dim and quickly collapses. Better in warm water to add a liquid ammonia spoon. Strongly polluted places need to be cleared a rag moistened with a solution chloric to exhaust (10 g on a water glass) after that to wash out warm water and to wipe a dry rag.

    Before washing windows, it is necessary to remove the dried up putty. It is easy for making if to grease with its lubricating oil and to leave for the night. By the morning it becomes soft, will easily lag behind frames and it is necessary to replace it new. Strips of papers at windows can be washed off the warm water softened with baking soda (on water litre - a soda teaspoon).

    On windowpanes settles a lot of dust and then they pass light less. Therefore they should be wiped from time to time a dry rag or soft (it is possible newspaper) a paper, and a month to wash out once warm water. Then it do less often. It is possible to wipe glasses a rag moistened in kerosene, then the dry rag which is not leaving fibres, or a paper.

    It is simple and convenient to clean glasses the preparations which are available on sale. Means "Ртх=-1" is especially effective;. For washing two table spoons of this liquid add in 1 l of warm water. The preparation is good that they can wash not only glasses, but also frames and window sills.

    Such liquid preparations, as "-ш=§шэюы" "…-+" "¦Ђ+" suit only washing of glasses. It is impossible to wash the painted surfaces of windows with them.

    Means in aerosol packing "Рхъѕэфр" "Ртх=" use as follows: at all window it is not recommended to humidify glass with aerosol structure. It is better to cover with it small sites of glass and at once to wipe a dry rag, then in the same way to process all window.

    If during winter time has flown down windows freeze or become covered by hoarfrost, they should be processed the special means preferable not only for cleaning of become covered with hoarfrost windows, but also for preventive maintenance against freezing. For these purposes the preparation in aerosol packing " is recommended; Автоантизапотеватель" and the liquid concentrated means "-Ђ--+". Directions of use are described on packing of preparations.

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