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Cleaning of clothes of the house

  • Presently - a century of development of the chemical industry and growing popularity of commodity household chemical goods to give you, the dear reader, councils on this theme and it is easy, and at the same time it is difficult.

    Easily because at the dry-cleaner enterprises all kinds of necessary services are carried out almost. And, certainly, to carry this or that thing in dry-cleaner studio the most simple decision of a question. As a rule, outer clothing - a coat, suits, fur coats, raincoats, etc. Clean a chemical way.

    And it is difficult because, unfortunately, far not any thing it is possible and it is necessary to hand over in a dry-cleaner. After all sometimes it is necessary for chemical processing to subject not only clothes. In each house it is a lot of things and subjects which demand from time to time updating.

    And as you are convinced from the further our examples, for this purpose it is enough bases. Besides on counters of our shops it is possible to find preparations for cleaning of clothes and removal of stains of any origin. With their help it is literally for 20 - 30 minutes can be made "фюьр°э¦¦ §шьёшё=ъѕ". Especially it concerns small things. Really: you will not incur in hat studio, ties, gloves, bags, suede products, soft children's toys, jeweller ornaments, etc.

    Many women will not risk to hand over in drums with chemical processing expensive things from a velvet, a fine silk and jersey, fur. Yes unless cases when on just cleaned clothes juice of fruit, a stain from oil or other pollution gets are rare. Annoyingly happens because of one such stain again to address in a dry-cleaner, besides not always there is for this purpose time and possibility. In this case delete a stain in house conditions more often. It both is easier and faster, and in some cases and more effectively.

    In this chapter we will consider as well as than it is possible and it is necessary to clean things and clothes in house conditions. The most popular and effective councils are chosen from the special literature for this purpose: it is told about the means which are let out by our chemical industry. Doubtless interest is represented also by the folk remedies tested with time.

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