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  • It is pleasant, when in apartment it is pure and cosy. But for this purpose to keep dwelling clean, many work and time is required. Probably that the councils resulted more low, will help you to spend rationally the time, it is better to organise cleaning in apartment.

    Distinguish three kinds of cleaning: daily, weekly and seasonal (general). Any cleaning should be begun with opening of windows or window leaves to freshen air in a room. Beds leave for some time uncovered that they were aired. After that, having stirred up bed-sheets, cover beds, clean upholstered furniture and carpets, wipe a dust, stir up cloths and covers, sweep or wipe a floor and, at last, place in places conditions subjects. To collect and delete rubbish and the dust which has collected indoors, follows with the least zapyleniem air, therefore it is recommended brushes, brooms, mops before using slightly to humidify. To shake out cloths and other things from fabrics, and also to clean and beat out carpets, upholstered furniture follows in a court yard.

    It is recommended to do Weekly cleaning in such sequence: to clean upholstered furniture and carpets; to wipe a crude rag of the battery, window sills and doors; to clean door handles, carefully to dust a damp rag the wooden not polished furniture and dry - with polished; to wash up indoor plants and, at last, to wipe or wash up a floor.

    It is necessary to make General cleaning 3 - 4 times a year, combining it with seasonal cleaning. On the eve of general (seasonal) cleaning take out from cases and thing lockers, wipe a damp rag internal walls, regiments and boxes, allow to them to dry up, things air, dry on the sun, then put. Ware, the vases, different small subjects which do not spoil from water, wash with warm water and wipe. Regiments and boxes cover a white paper. Books fray a rag or clean a vacuum cleaner. Bedding airs, beats out; clean mattresses and upholstered furniture. A carving of wooden furniture, a frame of pictures wipe a dry rag. Carefully beat out and clean carpets. The ceiling and walls needs to be wiped a brush or the broom which has been wrapped up by a rag; the walls painted with an oil paint, it is better to wash up. Windows, window sills, wash batteries of a central heating, a door. Finish general (seasonal) cleaning by washing and natirkoj floors.

    Any cleaning, especially general, provides, first of all, care of things in the house. It is necessary to tell about it more in detail.

    It is possible to find many means created by our industry that In the most extensive assortment of the goods of household chemical goods is easier, faster and more effectively to do a laborious work on apartment cleaning. We will talk more particularly on this theme:

    Care of upholstered furniture. Now as as if there are no problems in this question. Almost in each family there is a vacuum cleaner to which can clear upholstered furniture, carpets and books. But this self-evident council requires addition. Any vacuum cleaner it is impossible to remove stains and other pollution which all the same appear eventually on a furniture upholstery.

    Certainly, we not in a condition to tell about all preparations which are issued for cleaning obivochnyh upholstered furniture materials. K to the same release of similar preparations grows every day. Therefore, supplementing fair brochures, we can to you from a large quantity of conditioning agents behind furniture and carpets to choose more effective.

    Very convenient means "Гюыѕ°ър" in aerosol packing for clearing and osvezhenija a furniture upholstery. In the beginning the furniture needs to be cleared a vacuum cleaner or a brush. Then it is necessary to cover a small part of a soft upholstery with foam "Гюыѕ°ъш"., After several minutes a brush, a sponge or a pure rag of a cotton fabric (it is better knitted) to pound foam, helping it to absorb pollution. This foam is very steady also it it is necessary to remove before it will dry up and will start to fall down. Together with foam all dirt and stains of any origin is cleaned off. Having processed one site of upholstered furniture or a carpet, in precisely same way process all surfaces of a cleared thing.

    A little differently it is necessary to apply "Льъѕ". Foam remove after drying, i.e. When it turns to a powder which can be removed easily a vacuum cleaner or a brush. Sequence of application of a preparation the following: on the surface of upholstered furniture cleared of a dust or a carpet put the prepared foam for what 2 - 3 table spoons of a preparation shake up in I l of water, nagretoj to 40°. Then this structure by means of a sponge clean a thing. At work it is necessary as it is possible to use is more often warm water with vinegar addition (1 table spoon on 1 l of water) for opolaskivanija sponges. Cleaning make in parts. In that case if the processed surface is insignificant on the area, it can be cleaned at once. If, in an operating time you see that zastarevshie stains badly give in to cleaning, it is necessary to wipe some times them the tampon moistened not diluted, with a preparation. A thing which you have processed "Льъющ" should dry up necessarily dry. When the preparation rests will turn to a powder, it is possible to begin processing by a vacuum cleaner or a brush.

    Upholstered furniture if there is no vacuum cleaner, it is possible to clean as follows. A thing cover with the big pure rag (it is desirable linen or cotton), the moistened acidified water (a table spoon of vinegar on 1 l of water) and well wrung out. After that start to beat out a dust soft blows of a stick or special vybivalkoj from a rod or plastic. All dirt from an upholstery is absorbed in a fabric. As soon as it will become soiled it to full cleanliness wash in water, then moisten in the acidified solution and again repeat process. So vybivanie repeat until the rag does not become pure.

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