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Color combinations

  • In apartment furniture, in the decision of art shape of each thing, in association of various subjects of conditions in one harmonious whole the considerable role is played by colour. Colour combinations possess the big emotional expressiveness and have certain psychophysiological influence on the person. Different colours and colour combinations are differently perceived by the person, cause the diversified associations, feelings: can create cheerful mood or irritate, raise or reduce working capacity. Colour can influence and our sensation of space, its visual perception. The same premise, depending on this or that colouring, can seem big or smaller, higher or low, more long or more shortly, is more light or is more dark.

    Skilfully using properties of colour, correctly having chosen colour scale, it is possible to make the dwelling rather beautiful. But how to choose from an abundance of colours and paints what will help to create artly integral and harmonious combinations in colour walls, furniture, decorative and obivochnyh fabrics, carpets?

    Combinations of colours can be much, but they can be not always beautiful and pleasant for eyes. We will disassemble the following four most common: a monophonic combination, a simple combination of complementary colours, a complex combination of complementary colours and, at last, a combination of three colours.

    In a monophonic combination more dark and more light shades of the same colour, for example, the green incorporate. But to pick up all furniture, decorative fabrics, a carpet - all one colour it is almost impossible, and the room will look in this case it boring.

    In a simple combination of complementary colours connect two complementary colours, say, red with green, dark blue with orange, violet to the yellow. This very widespread combination: it often apply in fabrics with drawing, in a colouring of carpet paths etc. If it is necessary, contrast soften, adding to a combination the third, neutral colour, for example, the grey.

    At a complex combination of complementary colours one of them take in two or several shades, for example, dark blue connect not with pure orange, and with orange-red and orange-yellow or, on the contrary, the orange connect with blue-green and blue-violet.

    The Combination of three different colours very interestingly, but is the most difficult. It is impossible to take all three colours in the equal quantities, one of them should prevail (walls or a furniture upholstery), and others two - to be as though addition (a carpet, curtains, an armchair upholstery).

    Each colour with scale of all its shades has the character, makes certain impression. Red - warm, cheerful colour at red colour the big variety of shades: from is gentle-pink to is dark-claret. Light shades of pink colour are in harmony with many light tones, for example, with pale-green, greenish-blue, pale yellow, and also with dark red the same shade.

    Orange colour also is among the warm. At it many beautiful shades: from pale to warm brown, bezh, peach and coral.

    Yellow colour with all its shades, from cream to brown, - best of all warm colours for furnish of rooms. Light yellow colour is especially favourable to colouring of walls in insufficiently covered rooms where there is not enough sun, or in those areas where often there is a cloudy weather as light yellow walls make impression of a sunlight even cloudy day. Is better to take for walls light shades yellow: cream, citreous, is pale-golden. The upholstery of furniture and a curtain of red, green, blue and brown colours will approach to yellow walls.

    Dark blue and blue colours are considered as the cold. They as though delete from us subjects, making impression of open space and calmness. Their shades are successfully combined with the diversified colours. To paint in pale blue colour it is better solar rooms.

    Green colour creates sensation of calmness. It differs the big variety of shades which are well combined almost with all colours and create a good background for other colours. The room which walls are painted in pale-green colour, seems is more spacious. For wall-paper zelenovato-grey shades approach also. Green colour in a combination to a tree of natural colouring is especially good. Yellowish-green shades are worse combined with other colours and to use them it is necessary cautiously.

    Violet colour looks cold in bluish shades and warm in reddish. Dark-violet tone look magnificently, richly, but it is gloomy; but light tone lilac, is lilac-tinged-pink create quiet atmosphere. Lilac colour of a bluish shade well

    It is combined with green, grey or cream. In itself violet colour, especially dark, is not necessary for colouring of walls and an upholstery though it is good as addition in various combinations at interior registration.

    Selecting various combinations of colours, it is not necessary to forget about colours neutral and first of all about the white. It can be applied with success to colouring of walls. On white walls the wooden furniture - polished is very beautifully allocated and a dark oak, white colour is well combined with any colour, serves as a fine background.

    Black colour should be used in the limited quantity and only to shade bright colours. To soften contrast, black it is possible to replace dark grey or dark brown.

    Grey colour can be very different. More dark shades look gloomy, but light grey quite approach for colouring of walls as are a fine background on which bright curtains, a furniture upholstery, prints win, pictures. Grey colour is good in a combination with light green, blue, crimson and bright red.

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