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Building has begun (a part 2)

  • Sometimes it is required to chop off half or a brick quarter. For this purpose use a hammer-kirochkoj.

    From two parties of a brick a hammer - kirochkoj it is deep protsarapyvajut a line otloma, and then cut a brick with one blow a hammer. This, apparently, simple process demands the big skill. But at desire the house master can seize it in perfection. And participating in work on erection of walls of the house, the builder can help the mason, submitting it bricks of the necessary size.

    So walls of the future dwelling are put up. That this structure became the house, it is necessary to solve yet one problem, to master the most various building and finishing operations. This erection of a roof and ceilings, registration of window slopes, frames, window sills, osteklenie windows, installation of doors, packing of floors and plinths etc.

    The Special theme - a covering of walls and ceilings dry plaster and all other kinds of plaster works.

    They are followed by painting works which are carried out not only in the decorative purposes, but also also for increase of ekspluatatsionno-hygienic qualities of premises.

    The features and "ёхъЁх=№" have also many other operations on building and house furnish.

    Some of them under force to exclusively professional masters. But there are also such kinds of works which owners of garden sites can carry out.

    We will not be in the given edition to mention these big serious themes. Each builder at desire can find its interesting data in the special literature.

    We Will continue our conversation on real possibilities of owners of garden sites which master it and by own strength build necessary constructions. Making use of the stored experience, we will result examples of the equipment of such zones, as economic, a rest zone, a garden-kitchen garden zone.

    Having many variants of building of houses from various materials, we have resulted only one example: erection of the brick house to show possibilities of familiarising of the builder to teamwork with experts, and, hence, in the ways of mastering by experience and skills in building of garden constructions.

    More and more wide application in country building is found by houses of factory manufacturing on standard projects. Various variants of wooden small houses concern them. In the complete set of modular details the necessary equipment is provided also.

    Erection of such small house does not represent special complexity. Besides the instruction on its installation is applied on the project. Therefore we will not stop on this question.

    an input and protection Variant. In the first case at the input device are used wooden bruski, boards, rejki and woodpiles. The entrance door represents a wooden skeleton on which jam rejki. On the right house number is attached. The porch floor is covered by boards which lean against wooden or brick columns. A handrail fastens metal skobami. They rigidly connect a rack and a porch floor. Wooden prompts close space under a porch. Benches and stools are executed from boards and woodpiles. The second variant is more laconic. Across reek on a door it is put horizontal brusok. It serves as the handle for a door. On the left part of a wall are strengthened wooden kashpo for colours. As a support to a porch it is applied butovyj a stone. A handrail - wooden, and racks - from metal.

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