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Cooperation of the builder with experts

  • In this section it will be told how to erect the house and other constructions, applying thus the work and experience.

    To Build the house experts should, and owners of a site should them help. But to become the good competent assistant - business not idle time.

    This chapter is written taking into account questions of the builders who do not have experience in civil work, and also questions and answers of the house masters familiar with some processes of building.

    And others ask Those, whether they can help if necessary to professionals with house building, performing thus auxiliary works and how particularly to carry out this help.

    Considering importance and complexity of a theme, the author has selected from a numerous material on these questions only one theme: cooperation of the unexperienced builder with the skilled qualified expert.

    In the beginning some the general councils to builders. The standard project choice should correspond and meet individual requirements of owners of a garden site. After the building licence is received, it is necessary to prepare with the big carefulness all necessary for a house construction.

    One of the basic conditions of successful building is presence of a close source of water. If there is no still a waterpipe it is necessary to make a well or to find still any source of water.

    Very few people from beginning builders knows that is "руЁхёёштэр " water (i.e. With various chemical impurity). Such polluted water in no event cannot be used for civil work as after a while it will destroy concrete and a cement mortal, and all work will go on smarku.

    Each builder before arrival of professionals-builders and before delivery on a platform of building materials should perform following works:

    1. to Fence a site.

    2. to Dig a hole for to exhaust in the size 3X2, by depth of 1,5 m in such place that it did not disturb to delivery of building materials and has been located on sufficient distance from walls of the under construction house.

    3. to Equip at least a primitive joiner's and metalwork workshop (by the way, toolings should be on a garden site always, and not just in building). For storage of building materials, the tool and working clothes it is enough to build a temporary shed with the floor area 3X3 m.

    4. For cement storage to get or make such container that cement was not humidified (a box with a cover, to a flank, etc.). Sand and rubble to impose with bricks that them did not wash away a rain, it is even better to cover something.

    The Brick to sort, lay in stacks and to cover a canvas or a polyethylene film that on it the moisture did not get. The owner of a site should take care of that the building materials which are in territory, did not disturb to a course of works and the further transportations.

    These simple, but at the same time necessary actions each owner of a garden site can execute All. Well, and further?

    Further its duty become complicated, as it starts to help the professional builder. There and then errors should not be, because they expensively then manage.

    With what concrete cooperation of the builder with professionals which build the house on a garden site begins?

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