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How correctly to plant a fruit-tree

  • Landing of fruit-trees make in the spring before swelling of kidneys or in the autumn - approximately a month before the beginning of frosts. In northern and east areas spring landing is preferred, in a midland the apple-tree can be put in the spring and in the autumn, kostochkovye breeds of a pear are better for putting in the spring, in southern areas good results are given by autumn landing.

    Landing holes should be dug beforehand: for spring landing - in the autumn, for autumn - for 15 - 20 days before landing. For an apple-tree and a pear landing holes dig in the width not less than 1 m, depth 60 - 60 sm, for a cherry and plum - width 80 and depth 40 see poor soils of a hole do more widely on 26 - 50%.

    The Landing hole fill with the earth of the top layer; the bottom poor layer scatter and instead of it use the top arable layer of the earth taken from row-spacings of a garden.

    In a nonchernozem strip in each hole bring under an apple-tree and a pear 20 - 25 kg of humus or compost, 1 - 1,5 kg of superphosphate, 150 - 200 g chloride kalija or 1 kg of oven wood ashes. On sour podsolic soils in each hole bring 1 - 1,5 kg to exhaust-pushonki. Under a cherry and plum of norm of fertilizers reduce twice. On chernozemnyh soils in each hole bring 12 - 15 kg of humus or compost, 300 - 400 g superphosphate, 60 ghloristogo kalija 200 g oven ashes, 60 g ammoniac saltpeter. Humus and izvest mix with all soil intended for a landing hole. Two thirds of mineral fertilizers bring on a bottom of a hole and one third mix with the earth which fall asleep the bottom part of a hole. Mineral fertilizers do not bring in soil of the top half of hole where tree roots take places. Roots cover with earth (without mineral fertilizers). If mineral fertilizers are introduced, it is necessary plants in the first years after their landing well to water.

    Into the centre of a hole before tree landing drive in on depth 15 - 20 sm kol in the length to 1,4 m, depending on height shtamba. The top kola - should be a little below crone boughs.

    One week prior to landing in a hole to half or on three quarters of its depth fill a sloping hillock the fertilised earth. Before a planting of trees a hillock slightly trample down a foot. Saplings carefully examine also the sick or damaged roots cut off a sharp knife. Before landing roots of trees lower in the liquid soil talker and immediately put. The height of a soil neck should be at landing on 3 - 5 sm above soil level, and at full its deposit in a hole - at soil level.

    Plant trees together. One puts a tree on a hillock, in regular intervals straightens on a hillock of the earth roots and carefully distributes hands between them the friable land. Another covers a hole with earth and in regular intervals tramples down her feet.

    After definitive zasypki holes trample down the earth again. Then do for width of a hole lunku with the platen along the edges and pour in it 2 - 3 buckets of water. The emptiness formed thus fall asleep the friable earth, After poliva soil pristvolnogo a circle cover solomistym with manure, peat or compost a layer 7 - 10 see

    The planted tree temporarily adhere a bast (not hardly) to kolu that it did not shake a wind. In the summer a garter do by more dense.

    In the Spring the basic branches of a crone cut off on 1 / 4 - 1 / 3 their lengths. In the spring and in the summer at droughty weather 2 - 3 times water the planted trees. Soil in pristvolnyh circles support in the loosened and pure condition.

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