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Moving on other apartment

  • Things, which you take on new apartment (first of all), it is necessary to beat out, clean furniture diligently before moving and if it is necessary - to repair. Bed-clothes, curtains, curtains before packing wash.

    Packing begin with the most fragile things and with such which to you will not be in the first day are necessary on new apartment. It is crystal, books, services, etc.

    The Last stack things which will be necessary first of all: 2 - 3 pans, a basin, tablewares which you use every day. Near at hand should be and bed-clothes change, and nosilnoe linen, both towels, and toilet accessories.

    Carpets and rugs should be beaten out, rolled properly and strong to connect.

    Books should be wiped and combined carefully in boxes or bags. It is necessary to put densely that during book moving did not dangle and from it have not torn. Especially valuable editions are better for combining separately, it is possible to paper.

    The Furniture is better for taking to pieces. Establishing it in the car, it is necessary to wrap up on corners it something soft.

    Pictures, it is necessary to wrap mirrors in something, for example, in rugs, paths, bags or a thick paper. At moving it is necessary to watch, that they did not dangle. Is better to lay them among upholstered furniture or mattresses.

    The Clothes, a dress, footwear should be laid in baskets or suitcases, vystlannye from within a white paper. It is necessary to put densely, but it is accurate not so to rumple. Suitcases and baskets should be locked well or strong to connect cords that they have not revealed on the journey and that of them has dropped out nothing and it was not lost.

    Porcelain, glass is better to pack into a box, having papered each subject and having shifted a paper or shavings so that subjects did not move. It is possible to take advantage of sawdust or hay.

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