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How to deduce stains on the book

  • The Fresh fat stain leaves, if the polluted place to iron some times a hot iron through a blotting paper. The old fat stain is deduced by a magnesia and gasoline mix then the sheet should be wiped a damp tampon and to dry.

    The Ink stain can be washed off peroxide of hydrogen with addition of two - three drops of liquid ammonia. And here still council: ink.pjatno from a paper it is well washed off by 20%-s' solution of peroxide of hydrogen or a solution shchavelevoj acids of strong concentration. With this solution impregnate a blotting paper and put to a stain.

    On pages and a book cover the solution of lemon acid will help to deduce Rusty stains.

    Stains from flies and cockroaches well act in film vinegar.

    Widespread defect of the book are stains from fingers. These traces of the negligent relation with the book should be removed the damp, slightly soaped gauze tampon, then a pure damp tampon to wash off the soap rests. After that book sheet dry between two sheets of a blotting paper.

    Books read all. But not all know how correctly to read books. Doctors-oculists recommend: at reading to sit down so that light fell at the left, thus not to approach the book to itself more close on distance 30 - 33 Infringement of these simple rules see can cause short-sightedness. However to hold the book from eyes further 40 sm also it is unhealthy.

    Good illumination - the main condition of hygiene of reading. Natural or artificial illumination should be sufficient, but not so bright, differently in regular intervals-disseminated, such that there were no sharp differences. And eyes very get tired of darkness, therefore never read in the blacked out corner of a room or in twilight. At artificial illumination the lamp should not exceed capacity 50 - 75 watt. A lamp, it is obligatory with a lamp shade, should be at the left. At eye reading should be protected from direct light.

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