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  • Before dyeing a thing look through, delete all from pockets, unpick buttons, buckles, furnish. A lining below podparyvajut, differently between it and top air is late, and the thing at dyeing emerges. After removal of stains it is necessary to wash a thing in warm soap water, without unscrewing, but only wringing out. If necessary before colouring the thing can be decoloured, to what apply a powder "¤хЁёюыі" which dissolve in a bucket of hot water, lower there vesh and boil half an hour. If decolouration has turned out incomplete, operation repeat, vsypav in water one more pack of a powder.

    Starting dyeing or to repainting, it is possible to be guided by the table where productive colours are resulted. Various fabrics paint differently.

    Cotton fabrics. Dye from a bag pour out in a pure rag and dissolve in a small amount of hot water. Then add water and put a thing in the enameled ware. After pjatnadtsatiminutnogo heating in krasilnuju a bath add 3 full table spoons of table salt, a thing thus raise a stick. From time to time a thing move, watching all time that it has been completely shipped in a solution, and boil still half an hour. The painted thing take out only after krasilnyj the solution will cool down. Usually at correct dyeing the solution strongly becomes colourless. Rinse at first in warm water, then in cold while water will not be transparent. It is recommended to stretch after rinsing the painted thing in warm soap water and again to rinse. It is necessary to dry, having hung up on a coat hanger. On a cord it is necessary to hang up along basis threads, trying not to warp. To apply linen clothespins it is not recommended, as there can be stains.

    Red Red Red
    Dark blue Violet (cherry, in zavisimostiot a shade)
    Yellow Orange
    Brown red-brown
    Green Brown
    Violet red-violet
    Grey Dark red
    Dark blue Red Violet
    Dark blue Dark blue
    Yellow Green
    Brown Dark brown
    Green Blue-green
    Violet Blue-violet
    Grey grey-dark blue
    Yellow Red Orange
    Dark blue Green
    Yellow Yellow
    Brown Yellowy-brown
    Green Light green
    Violet Is dirty-dark blue
    Grey Pea
    Brown Red red-brown
    Dark blue Dark brown
    Yellow Yellowy-brown
    Brown Brown
    Green Olive-green
    Violet Dark brown
    Grey Brown
    Green Red  
    Dark blue Blue-green
    Yellow Light green
    Brown Olive-green
    Green Green
    Grey Gray-green
    Violet Red red-violet
    Dark blue Blue-violet
    Yellow Is dirty-dark blue
    Brown Dark brown
    Green Green
    Violet Violet
    Grey grey-violet
    Grey Red Dark red
    Dark blue grey-dark blue
    Yellow Pea
    Brown Brown
    Green Gray-green
    Violet grey-violet
    Grey Grey

    Things from natural silk and a wool. All preparatory operations before dyeing of things from natural silk, and a wool - the same that at dyeing of cotton fabrics.

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