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  • If you wish to make some changes in furniture arrangement in apartment or intend anew to arrange, new furniture the dwelling, take advantage of such council. Preliminary will draw a simple sketch-plan, is better in scale 1:50. It is necessary to put On this plan on a substantial scale all apertures - windows, doors, niches, etc. Then it is necessary to cut out a horizontal projection (plan) of all pieces of furniture which will enter into the equipment of this premise (certainly, in the same scale from a thin colour cardboard). Thus, on the room plan it is possible to move freely and to group "ьхсхыі" without touching it and without scratching floors. Using such reception, you will have possibility to make various variants until will choose that scheme which is better will satisfy your inquiries. Certainly, at such "яЁюхъ=шЁютрэшш" It is necessary to imagine mentally as wall-paper will be combined, colour and type of furniture with other household goods.

    Such preliminary "яЁюхъ=шЁютрэшх" it is necessary to do and before the beginning of painting works, before purchase of a new carpet or before updating of an upholstery of furniture. Then instead of cut out from a cardboard "¶юЁь" the furniture should prepare modelki from a colour paper to have possibility to compare different tone and shades. So it will be easier to define, what colour there should be walls, a floor, a carpet or a fabric, upholsteries.

    By means of such receptions to you, undoubtedly, it will be easier to find the most in harmony combinations, for example, between curtains and walls to define colour of a carpet that it was well entered in a colour composition of furniture, etc.

    This familiarity does not demand many forces, means, but will help you to save both that, and another.

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