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Economic constructions

  • It is possible to see not too rare such picture; near to the beautiful, arranged well garden small house or nearby to it economic constructions are located without any system.

    On a site very few people attaches to Erection of these necessary objects significance. Even designers do not give them appropriate attention.

    And meanwhile economic construction, as well as everyone another, should byl not only functional, but also attractive, Reach it absolutely easy, if in advance to think over the project of original placing of constructions. Colouring and furnish of economic premises positively affects the general aesthetic kind of a garden site.

    the Pantry - the subsidiary premise intended for storage of household goods, not perishable food products, jam, groats, etc.

    On summer residences, in garden small houses, a pantry usually have in vestibules or attach to entrance platform. Their area usually makes 2 - 4 m 2 .

    The Pantry for household things arrange in a lobby or a corridor (if it is) and equip with hangers, hooks, regiments. Do a pantry and at kitchens. They consist basically of wooden shelves for products and kitchen utensils.

    If the pantry area is rather great (2x2 and more) at a lateral wall it is expedient to establish a case for loose products - torments, groats, sugar, etc. The case bottom should be lifted over a floor surface on 10 - 15 see the second wall place wooden regiments. On a face wall hammer in hooks, hangers and other adaptations for razveshivanija medicative herbs, dry mushrooms, an onions, garlic, vjalenoj fishes, etc.

    In the doorway of a pantry the ventilating lattice should be fixed or some apertures for air exchange are drilled. Pantry walls, and also it is necessary to whitewash the equipment izvestju or to paint with an oil paint.

    the Cellar - absolutely necessary construction on a garden site. And it do by one of the first. We will result the elementary scheme. It usually consists of the bottom and top parts.

    Bottom - the underground part goes deep into the earth on 2 - 2,5 m. of the Wall do brick, butovymi, concrete or wooden, a floor concrete or of the stamped clay, overlapping - from wooden blocks and nakata from plates on beams. On nakatu clay greasing and teploizoljatsionnaja zasypka from slag, etc. becomes. In overlapping arrange the hatch for descent in a cellar, under the hatch establish a ladder. The top part serves as though as the platform protecting the basic part of a cellar from excessive heating (summer) and cooling (winter). With the same purpose the top part is recommended to be closed the earth. A premise of the top part use for various economic needs.

    For longer storage of products a cellar fill ice or snow. Sometimes, ice place in specially fenced off side pocket - "цхыѕфъх" (as it names builders) on all height of a cellar, and products have in the rest, using all height.

    That ice remained longer time, it cover with a layer of sawdust, shavings or bast mats.

    Water from ice thawing take away in a special reception hole or in a ground, thus ice put on a lattice stacked on a floor. It is possible to arrange such cellar as in a zone of the economic block, and it is direct under the house.

    Cellar-glacier Ventilation carry out by the device of ventilating channels from the bottom and top zones of the grocery chamber.

    Sanitary premises. the General sanitary condition of a site and house depends in the big degree on correctness of operation and the equipment of sanitary premises.

    Besides a ljuft-rest room on a garden site the device of powders-rest rooms in which a sewage is fallen asleep by dry peat, the dry vegetative ashes, destroying an unpleasant smell can be recommended. The metal or wooden box consisting of a bottom, a lobby and two lateral walls serves in a ljuft-rest room as the receiver for a sewage. The box with the earth, ashes or peat usually is above a toilet seat. Zasypka it is made manually by a scoop or a ladle, but the box can be adapted for automatic zasypki.

    As the Receiver of powders-rest rooms the bucket established in a toilet seat in the form of a bedside table, with lateral dverkoj and a cover can serve. The box or a bucket with a sewage are periodically emptied, the weight keeps within in kompostnye heaps and through 5 - months would be used as fertilizer.

    For removal of sewage recommend to arrange the so-called local water drain.

    Near to a summer residence construct a well from concrete rings. From within them cover with bitumen, and outside a layer of fat clay, in the thickness 20 Sewage see take away in a well on pig-iron pipes in diameter of 100 mm. Volume of a modular well 1 - 2 m 3 . The well is periodically emptied.

    the Summer shower on a summer residence can be made. For this purpose establish a tank at sufficient height that water in it was warmed up by the sun. From a tank take away a tube with a grid and the crane. For the best heating the tank should be painted in dark colour. Water will faster heat up if to apply a special solar heater.

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