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Fabrics (a part 2)

  • That window curtains if necessary could be drawn or moved apart easily, they need to be suspended on special fastenings. It can be a metal, wooden or plastic bar with arms for its fastening on a wall and rings for suspension of curtains. It is better to use narrow metal bars with rollers and wire hooks for suspension of curtains in one or two numbers.

    The Bottom half of window can be tightened a drapery from a thin light fabric without drawing.

    Fabrics are used and for a furniture upholstery. Colour and upholstery drawing should be combined with colour of walls, curtains and other subjects well.

    If colour of an upholstery of upholstered furniture just bought by you is not in harmony with colour of other things in a room, it is easy for correcting. It is necessary to enter neutral shades which as though will connect colour of the bought furniture with colour of subjects available for you into conditions.

    At the next repair you can change colour of walls in a room. It is not necessary to do of the same fabric both a furniture upholstery, and curtains. The room will look boring, monotonous, and hardly it is possible to pick up such fabric which would look well in an upholstery and in curtains. Therefore the sofa is better and armchairs in the general room to upholster with one fabric, and chairs - another, picked up in in harmony tone. For example, if at you a sofa and armchairs are covered by a fabric with drawing in greenish and pink tones, to them chairs with an upholstery of light brown colour, a curtain in olive-brown tones will go. If chairs and armchairs are upholstered by a material with blue and dark blue drawing on a light-yellowish background, the ottoman covered with a dark blue fabric, light yellow curtains will approach to them.

    If in your apartment there is a bedroom, beds should be closed a coverlet. The domestic industry lets out the diversified coverlets, but them it is possible: to make and from metrazhnoj fabrics, Colour and their drawing should be soft, quiet, it is better in light tones. Pillows can be combined under a coverlet or to roll in the platen, having wrapped up its same fabric of which the coverlet is made, and to put at a headboard. To put pillows one on another and to put them upright, obliquely to a headboard, it is not recommended. It is ugly to put also pillows upright at both backs of a bed - in a headboard and in feet.

    If at you coverlets from a transparent tulle or from laces, under them it is necessary to lay the monophonic fabric which is in harmony with colour of walls, upholsteries of furniture or curtains.

    Coverlets of a new style do of an opaque colour fabric long, such that they closed not only all bed to a floor, but also the pillows laid abreast so that in a headboard the platen turned out.

    In some apartments still it is possible to see set of various amateur products: salfetochek, the paths, the embroidered pillows which become faster dust sources, than ornament subjects.

    Now it is not accepted to cover the polished table with a cloth. Beautifully trimmed surface of a table in itself decorates a room, brings new tone in a combination of colours. Such table needs to be closed only when on it put ware or other subjects which can spoil its surface. If on the polished table there is a vase with the flowers or a lamp, enclose under them a small napkin.

    Divannye of a pillow also can decorate a room. The pillows sewed from fabrics of two-three colours elegantly look, picked up in tone or is contrast to furniture and other fabrics. The the material of curtains is more light, the less it absorbs light.

    Gardinnaja a fabric should have imperceptible and whenever possible small patterns.

    Is better to have summer and winter curtains. Summer it is necessary to make of a fabric of average density, winter - from more dense and it is heavier than a fabric. Summer should be proof against influence of solar beams.

    The Edge of curtains below do more widely, than above. It promotes formation of folds and provides, good appearance of curtains.

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