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  • Among all subjects with which we decorate the dwelling, fabrics and products from them win first place. Fabrics are widely used for a furniture upholstery, for curtains, cloths, covered etc. Therefore at a colour score of all interior it is necessary to give special attention to selection of tapestry materials, their colour, drawing.

    Fabrics it is possible to underline one colour or to soften others, to change colour of all interior. But if fabrics are picked up unsuccessfully, they will bring anxiety and a discord, will make, an interior motley and shouting. It occurs when laws of interrelation between quantity of tapestry materials and room dimensions, between scale parities of drawing of a fabric and room proportions (small drawing badly looks in the big room, and very large pattern - in small) when colour parities are broken are broken. Therefore, buying a fabric in shop, it is necessary to choose such which would correspond to furniture, the sizes of apartment, a room function, its light exposure etc.

    The Tapestry material can have various appointment in an interior: a partition indoors, a curtain, a portiere or a furniture upholstery. In one cases it is a thing, a subject, in others - the fabric carries out only functional role. It can carry out only utilitarian role or will be an ornament subject.

    The is skilful-picked up tapestry material can visually change room space: to expand it or to narrow, increase or reduce - and it in many respects depends on composite construction of drawing of a fabric and from character razveski it in a room. For example, the fabric with wide cross-section strips visually moves apart real space of a room and consequently well approaches for narrow rooms. Vertical drawing as though increases height of a premise with a low ceiling, gives firmness to room proportions.

    Decorative fabrics apply to curtains-partitions, for curtains, By means of a curtain it is possible to create the isolated zones in a room, to separate a children's corner.

    To window curtains-curtains apply two kinds of fabrics: dense opaque which protect a room from the scorching sun in the summer and from a cold in the winter, and thin transparent which disseminate a sunlight.

    Curtains, it is possible to hang up differently: so that to close only window aperture or also a wall part that will give the chance to expand room space visually. The curtains reaching a floor, do a room above. If the window has a furniture, curtains should be made more shortly - to a window sill. Too wide window will already seem, if the curtains which are falling down from eaves, will close on each side a part of a window aperture. Selecting a material for curtains, it is necessary to remember that vertically located drawing does a premise as though above, and horizontal - visually reduces and expands it.

    Colour and drawing of curtains should be in harmony not only with colour of walls, but also with colour of an upholstery of furniture. Choosing colour of curtains, pay attention to a material; the same colour looks differently depending on the material invoice. Choosing fabrics with multi-coloured drawing, remember that in drawing that colour which occupies more spaces, and the brightest is prevailing at all. To find this prevailing colour, it is necessary to look at a fabric have published, having departed on some steps.

    The Fabric with large drawing will look bad in a small room, and small drawing will be lost in the big. Light curtains as though will increase a small room, dark - will reduce and will make more cosy the big. Easy curtains from a tulle or laces can decorate a room, thus windows will seem more, and all room - full of air and light.

    In the general room of a curtain can be any colour which are in harmony with other tapestry materials and walls. In a bedroom it is better to hang up curtains monophonic, soft tones. For kitchen and a bath it is possible to make curtains of a dense strong and well erased material with bright drawing.

    That curtains beautifully looked, it is necessary to calculate quantity of a material correctly. Length of the future curtain always measure from an upper edge of a window aperture. If you do a curtain to a window sill it should be such length that the fabric closed edge of a window sill and hardly overhung, but did not close a heating radiator.

    At purchase of fabrics for curtains it is necessary to consider napusk (for usadki), besides, to each panel it is necessary to add on 10 sm on length on filing. The curtains equal on width to a window aperture, will look too poorly and ugly. Therefore their width should be in one and a half-two time more than a window aperture.

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