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That it is necessary to know at facing of walls by tiles (a part 2)

  • If the cover from banks where is stored a paint, lost, an upper edge banks on all circle smear with a paint and cover with a glass piece so that the paint has stuck to it.

    From a lime bark cut out a stick of the necessary sizes. Steam out it in abrupt boiled water, properly dry also one end carefully break a hammer. As a result receive an excellent brush for joiner's glue. You should not put now on trial the patience a laborious work on clearing of a brush of the dried up glue. Cut off the end throw out it, and a tip of the remained stick again break a hammer for formation of a new brush.

    That matte glasses did not spoil, were pure and had a beautiful appearance, them wash with hot water, adding to it of a few vinegar.

    Hands from an oil paint are easier for washing, if into water to pour gorchitsy.

    The Dropped out tile in a bathroom can be strengthened strongly on the zinc whitewash which have been jammed on natural drying oil.

    The enamel Damaged on a bath can be restored as follows: a place where enamel is beaten off to cover epoksidnym with glue and from above to strew melkoistolchennym porcelain (for example, from the broken saucer).

    Other way: the beaten off enamel of the pig-iron enameled bath can be restored dry whitewash and glue "…И-2". For this purpose damaged surface should be cleared an emery paper, then gasoline and it is good to dry. To impose a thin layer of glue, to add a small amount of dry whitewash and by means of a brush to level structure on all surface. It is necessary to put structure several layers with intervals through 1 - 1,5 hours while the thickness of layers will not be made even to thickness of enamel of a bath. Definitive hardening of a covering occurs within 4 days at premise temperature + 18° S

    For a while to eliminate a leak from prorzhavelyh pipes or their joints, it is necessary to wind densely a faulty place with a water-proof material (for example, rubber, izoljatsionnoj a tape) and to fix its wire, reeling up it so that it closed all damaged space.

    Glutinous colouring apply only to internal surfaces, not podverzhdennyh to humidifying, mainly on plaster. It is better to apply limy colouring to crude premises.

    For otbivki, separating karniznuju the part of walls, a thin cord cover with a dry ink chosen for colouring of walls, pull it on pencil marks and, taking aside, release - on a wall there is a trace.

    Oil and enamel paints badly pass air. Therefore they are undesirable for applying to colouring of walls of living rooms.

    For shpatlevanija a time of plaster it is better to apply wooden shpatel.

    Grinding carry out pumice on dry or wet (moistened in water) shpatlevke, and also a skin.

    If frames open hardly, grease places of an adjunction of shutters jadrovym with soap.

    To eliminate in a crack parquet, they at first need to be cleaned a thin wire, and then by means of a knife to close up putty from small oak or birch sawdust and joiner's glue.

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