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That it is necessary to know at facing of walls by tiles

  • It is beautiful and convenient, if walls in kitchen, a bathroom and a lavatory are revetted by a ceramic tile. But here you needed to strengthen on the revetted wall a mirror or a shelf, a hanger for a towel. How to be? It is possible to call, of course, to the aid the expert. But it is possible to make this simple work and most. It is impossible to drive in a nail or a hook directly into a tile - it will crack. It is necessary to take a usual drill (manual or electric) and to drill an aperture. It was easier to drill, moisten a proper place in a tile with turpentine.

    Happens and so. The tile has jumped aside from a wall or its slice has fallen off. Here too it is easy to help house means. It is possible to repair a wall duly how it is done by experts, - then it is required a few sand and cement. It is necessary to begin with basis preparation on which will stack a tile. Carefully to clear a wall (or a floor) to wash up If plaster is weakened, to impose the new. For this purpose to mix one part of cement with two parts of the sifted sand, to dilute with water that the viscous weight was formed, to put on a wall, to level. When plaster properly will dry up (every other day-), it is possible to stack two and a tile.

    Again to prepare a cement mortal - this time one part of cement it is necessary to mix with four parts of sand. Tiles on an hour to put in cold water, then to grease with a solution, to put into place, to press and knock with a piece of wood that cement was distributed more exactly. At facing of the big site of a wall it is necessary to watch that tiles laid down equal numbers, - stretch for the control a cord-reference point. Seams between tiles should be not wider 2 - 3 mm. If be afraid to be mistaken, lay between tiles a plywood strip. When cement will harden, this strip is easy for taking out. Its place fill with an alabaster or plaster solution, then wash out a wall a wet sponge.

    Probably, to attach one - two tiles, you will not want to potter with cement and sand. Then take advantage of more simple means: mix cement with glue "¤-+". It will turn out, the truth, less strongly, but quickly and without efforts.

    Many umeltsy attach tiles ordinary gustotertymi (can) whitewash. At first carefully clear and paint a wall, then - a tile. Press a tile more strong and there and then, the acted whitewash have not dried up yet, wipe their dry rag.

    The tile on a mix of ordinary silicate glue with a tooth-powder (not too dense kashitsa) or on glue "…И-2" strong enough keeps; mixed with the washed out, dried up and sifted sand.

    For facing of walls let out ceramic, weed-stirolnye also polyvinylchloride tiles. They can be pasted on walls by means of glues and the mastics which are on sale in shops: "¦рё=шъш for gluing of tiles, and also glues "…ѕё=шыр=" "Р=шыш=" "-ыхщ-71" mastics "¤Р-…" glue "+хЁьх=шъ" and "+ѕьш-ыръё". Besides, specially for fastening polistirolnyh tiles mastic "Р=шЁю" is issued;. Tiles it is possible krepit gustotertymi whitewash, slightly having diluted with their drying oil. It is possible to paste tiles and universal glues, however for these purposes they the expensive.

    The Listed glues and tile mastics it is possible krepit practically to any surfaces - the concrete, wooden, plastered, painted oil or glutinous paint. Before gluing the wall should be washed and wiped kerosene, then to dry up. If to use glues "…ѕё=шыр=" and "Р=шыш=" them put shpatelem only on a wall and at once impose facing tiles and densely press them. Glue "Р=шыш=" definitively seizes for 12 hours, "…ѕё=шыр=" - for 24 hours, "+ѕьшыръё" - for three days. The Expense of these glues on 1 m 2 walls - approximately 0,5 - 0,8 kg.

    Mastic "¤Р-…" it is toxic, with it it is necessary to work in rubber gloves.

    The Iron or pig-iron lattice on a balcony before painting should be cleared of an old paint and a rust the rigid brush made of a thin steel wire, or a large skin. After that it is necessary to wash out kerosene and when the lattice will dry up, to ground. To a first coat is better to apply the minium dissolved on drying oil. When the first coat will well dry out, it is possible to paint with already oil paint, covering with a thin layer twice.

    To Paint the metal subjects which are open-air, it is necessary in good weather that the paint has laid down on a dry surface.

    It is possible to paint Putty any colour in the course of manufacturing. If frames are painted white colour, in putty add lead or. Zinc whitewash also mix to working viscosity. If it has been added too much paint and putty became rare, in it it is necessary to add a little a ground chalk and peremjat it in hands.

    On oil and enamel paints at long preservation thick enough film is formed. That it did not appear after the work termination on a paint surface put a circle from a dense paper, from above pour a few drying oils.

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