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Some councils to fans of books

  • Even the small private library should be completed taking into account certain requirements and rules. First of all it is necessary to make the catalogue. It is necessary to enter each got book in lists available in the catalogue regularly.

    For the catalogue it is possible to use a thick writing-book. But if it is a lot of books, it is necessary to get a card file. The library card is filled in duplicate: one alphabetically authors another - on subjects. Products of one author should be put in such order: in the beginning complete works, then its separate products in alphabetic order under their names.

    That it was easier to work with the catalogue, before each section and subsection it is necessary to put a divider, t. e, a cardboard card with a ledge on 1,5 - 2 sm above library cards. On it the section or subsection name is designated. It is recommended to paint a card-divider in bright colour.

    Manuscripts and books in the course of time, as well as people, grow old. The book loses elasticity, frays, gets "сюыіэющ" a kind. The main reasons - the temperature and humidity changes, polluted air. Dangerous enemies of the book: bacteria, a mould and insects-wreckers. Special harm to books is put by bugs: kozheed, the flour grinder, room mol. Larvae of bugs also ask hide in cover or between book sheets, undermine it, eat "§юф№". Insects are dangerous not only that they eat books literally, they are also messengers of fungoid illnesses. They are dangerous that damage can be found out only then. When the larva turns to a bug or mol.

    The Books infected with insects, it is necessary to process dezinsektalem or flitsidom. For this purpose the structure is typed in pipettes and put by drops for cover. It is possible to apply to this purpose and other, modern means intended for struggle against insects. After such processing of the book turn in a paper and hold one - two weeks in densely closed box.

    It is dangerous to books and a dust which even at insignificant humidity decays and promotes development of microbes and mould occurrence. Especially big harm causes to books plesnevyj a fungus. It the main activator of highly infectious diseases of books. In the beginning the mould appears on backs and covers of books, then with ominous yellow-grey-green stains cover sheets, eating thus the text. The mould on books appears in crude, badly aired premises. Sharp change of temperature also promotes occurrence of fungoid diseases of books.

    That as it is possible to prolong longer a book life, it is necessary to observe the basic requirements. Experts have established that books love moderated and a diffused light, temperature 16 - 18° with relative humidity 50 - 60%. Bookcases and regiments need to be wiped and aired is more often. Books on them should stand freely then to them air access is facilitated. For struggle against a dust it is possible to use a vacuum cleaner. It is necessary to shift and reconsider from time to time bookcases and regiments. Infected or "сюыіэ№х" books to isolate and at once to subject sanobrabotke. The books infected with a mould, are processed by 2%-s' solution of formalin (from it does not remain stains on a paper). It is necessary to remember that processing should be made in "шчюы =юЁр§" i.e. In separate boxes (it is even better out of a premise where there are books) that mould disputes have not moved on "чфюЁют№х" books.

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