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Small repair of clothes and linen

  • Simple repair of clothes and linen it is possible to make houses, without giving a thing to a workshop.

    That the darned place was almost imperceptible, select threads for colour, a thickness and quality such which would correspond to repaired fabrics. It is possible to pull out threads from a border at seams. Stitches in darning should go at first along a matter (on a basis), and then across (on a duck). To begin darning it is necessary on a strong place, differently darning will quickly collapse. Stitches should be small. At cross-section pass a needle pass under a thread, then over it. At edges of darning a thread strongly do not tighten, that at washing usadka threads did not pull together a matter. Numbers of threads should adjoin densely one to another.

    If the fabric was not wiped through but only it was strongly refined, darn along threads, without doing cross-section stitches. It is possible to darn and on the sewing-machine which has the special device.

    If the shred of a fabric is snatched casually out and it has torn simultaneously on a duck and a basis, it is necessary to darn as two separate ruptures.

    Patches should be from this a material from which the thing, or from the similar is sewed. On quality and colour. Before patching, the material should be stretched and ironed, that it has not sat down subsequently. A patch impose on a repaired place, observing a direction of threads a duck and bases. If she has to be put about a seam a seam podparyvajut, and a patch one party bring in this seam. Then it primetyvajut and after that, turning in edges, sew a secret seam from a face sheet and from a wrong side. A basting pull out. On a rectangular patch on all four corners do a slanting cut on depth 0,5 see If a patch not in a prominent place, it can be sewn on the machine.

    On figured fabrics a patch impose from above. For this purpose damaged place outline, adding on each party on 0,5 sm and cut out a corresponding patch. Turning in edges inside, sew. On a motley material the pattern should coincide with a pattern of a repaired thing.

    Bed-sheets and towels if necessary can be repaired. Bed-sheets are more often wiped on the middle. Repair them so: cut in the middle along a thread of a basis and both half edges prostrachivajut, and edges podrublivajut.

    At towels, as a rule, the ends faster wear out. A towel cut in the middle and sew the worn out ends. Edges of towels podrublivajut.

    Jackets and trousers sometimes demand small repair: cuffs of sleeves, trousers wear out. Cuffs of sleeves repair so: unpick at sleeves a lining and accurately cut off podgib sleeves. The ends of sleeves and the cut off strip iron, a strip sew, then bend it inside, sew a lining and again iron. On edge trousers repair similarly. If obtrepalas a band of trousers, it replace new. The brjuchnaja band has utolshchennyj edge which for all width should speak on behalf of edges of trousers. If together with a band the edge of trousers at first unpick the turned in edge of a bottom of trousers was wiped also, clear of a dirt and iron. The worn out places zashtukovyvajut and trousers turn in on 3 - 5 mm above a line shtukovki. On edge sew a new band. If children's trousers behind pronosheny to holes to patch, unstitch them on seams. Then cut out squared shape patches, leaving thus on 0,5 sm from each party on seams. Over a patch from the interior of trousers it is recommended to file a strip from sateen, it will protect trousers from fast deterioration further. A ready patch strongly iron, smoothing its seams.

    Tulle products can be repaired as follows. From the same tulle cut out a slice, a little bolshy, than the damaged site. Edges of the damaged site accurately cut off and grease along the edges with glue "…И-2" a patch also grease with glue and when glue slightly will dry up, patch the damaged place and accurately level. When glue will dry up, the repaired place iron a hot iron. The things stuck together in such a way well transfer washing and long keep durability.

    The Same glue it is possible to repair any linen and to paste labels for a laundry.

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