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Simple fireplaces and furnaces

  • The Increasing popularity is got by furnaces and fireplaces in garden small houses and is direct in a garden. At such fireplace or an oven it is pleasant to spend summer evening or to get warm in cool autumn day.

    The Simple furnace - the centre in the open air - can be made in the stone wall serving by a support for nasypki. In the centre it is necessary to wall hooks for suspension of kettles. Fire zone limit to stones-boulders. An umbrella over fire and a chimney do of a tin.

    It is possible to build in a fireplace-centre of other design a stone fencing or a decorative wall. Its fire chamber do of concrete, a chimney - from a brick or from a stone. A platform before a fireplace cover a stone-plitnjakom or concrete plates.

    In any place of a garden it is possible to put and a separate fireplace-centre. The zone of fire for such fireplace should be laid out a stone. An umbrella and a pipe do of a tin.

    The Furnace of a simple design and convenient for use can be constructed from shlakobetonnyh plates. The facilitated hollow plates stack against each other and pull together with a wire. Above furnaces strengthen a lattice, below leave an aperture for air access, for cooking on half of height of the furnace it is possible to establish one more lattice. In the first case a flue do above, in the second - in the middle of the furnace. An aperture for fuel leave under flue lattices. Force of fire in the furnace regulate reduction of the bottom aperture - podduva.

    At a construction of the described designs of furnaces it is impossible to forget rules of fire-prevention safety: be close to furnaces should not branchy trees. Furnaces should be far from constructions. It is impossible to leave for the night in the gone out furnace decaying coals.

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